Bad Apple: Company pulls pro-life, pro-marriage app from store

So much for (pro-life, pro-marriage) free speech for Apple users and customers:

After some controversy and complaints, Apple has reportedly pulled an application from the iTunes App Store after claims it was anti-gay.

Highlighted by The Huffington Post and others last week due to its reportedly objectionable content, the Manhattan Declaration iPhone application has been quietly removed sometime in the last few days.

Apple’s decision may have been influenced by an online petition at calling for the application to be removed.

The petition organisers asked those unhappy with the initial decision to contact Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs, signing a statement: “Please remove anti-LGBT, anti-women application from iTunes Store.” (MacWorld)

Just what is so offensive about the Manhattan Declaration? It is nothing more than a “call of Christian conscience”, asserting the right of people of faith to publicly take a stand for life, marriage and religious liberty. Almost 500,000 people have signed it. What an irony that Apple, which claims to empower people through technology, has chosen to selectively curtail the freedom of Christians to live out the gospel through technology.

I think Apple should reinstate the Manhattan Declaration app immediately.



  • Gars

    I agree with Apple business decision to take down the app. As someone who believes in FREE TRADE and CAPITALISM I can see why a MULTI BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY wouldn’t want a bunch of people signing petitions against a PRODUCT it SELLS. They reserved the right to reject any apps that could make them look bad to a large number of people. If enough people complain, they know the truth: THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT, so they took it down.

    All of you who want someone (THE GOVERNMENT) to step in on behalf of free speech (HIPPIES) to rectify a purely business decision are COMMIES and even worse, LIBERALS.

    • Joshua Mercer

      Gars, I haven’t seen one person calling on the government to force Apple re-instate the app. Just as Apple has the right to reject the app, the Manhattan Declaration has every right to petition Apple. Why shouldn’t the Manhattan Declaration try and move public opinion to persuade Apple that it’s a good decision to include the app? Yes, ultimately it’s Apple’s call. But don’t accuse people of clamoring for a government-imposed answer. They’re trying to mount public pressure, not government censure.

  • Laura

    That’s political correctnes for you, place the word “anti” before anything and you’ll go far, except off course if we were to say that taking the app was anti-christian, then no one cares…

  • Pete

    This is NOT a free speech issue, as you state in your opening line.

    Rights to free speech are implicated only when the GOVERNMENT tries to silence us. Apple is not the government. A privately owned or publicly owned company owes us no “free speech” rights. Thankfully.

    If we don’t like it we have the right to buy other products.

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