Baltimore kids prove smarter than their parents

“At night, they could be hanging with the wrong crowd and end up in a lot of trouble,” warns a wise Baltimore girl.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake announces Curfew Center

The City of Baltimore is stepping in to do what too many parents won’t: keep kids off the street and safe this summer. In response to rampant lack of parental supervision and a recent stabbing during a mob teen riot that took hours for police to get under control, the city has reenacted a curfew for teens (11pm on weekdays/ midnight on weekends). Teens caught violating the city curfew will be taken to a “curfew center”, courtesy of the city’s taxpayers, where they will remain until their parents pick them up. While at the center, kids will be offered a (donated) box meal and parents will be required to meet with an on-site counselor when they come to pick up their children. Last summer, more than 1000 kids were brought to the center, many of them under the age of 13. While I commend the city and the taxpayers for protecting kids, and especially for holding their parents accountable, there’s simply no denying that even the best-intentioned government program is a poor substitute for good parenting. Even a kid knows that.



  • Chere

    This is a great piece. I live in Silver Spring, a suburb of MD and I’ve been saying a curfew is needed for our area. There is absolutely no reason for teens to be out late at night, it is completely unsafe. It saddens me that so many parents are okay with their kids staying out as late as they do and it says a lot about the state of parenting. Good for Baltimore I think the curfew should be even earlier if they aren’t with an adult. Kids do to many adult like things that are having disastrous outcomes.

  • Davide

    Great piece thx



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