Be Not Confused

Speaking of voting matters. Archbishop Lori, speaking from the Knights of Columbus annual convention, tells Catholics that when we vote we should not be voting for someone who stands for something that is intrinsically evil. That strikes me as pretty clear, as I point out in that aforementioned dinner post.


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  • Caroline

    Dear Ms. Lopez,
    I think that most Catholics who are looking up what Archbishop Lori has to say about voting with a well-formed conscience are not liable to be confused. The problem is that many American Catholics don’t get this news, but what they do get is news from the New York Times, etc. and they will not be saying that Archbishop Lori tells Catholics that abortion is intrinsically evil (how many people know what that means these days?) and is not a prudential matter in voting? The issue is not how the Cardinal actually interacts with and treats Obama-but the opportunity for spin that it creates. THAT is where there is certain to be confusion. Especially as Obama is keynote speaker.


  • John Barnes

    So that means I can’t vote for a candidate who supports “enhanced interrogation” (i.e., torture).

  • Dr. J

    Don’t be fooled. Romney is pro-choice, period.

  • Donna Mclaughlin

    I have been Catholic all my life and believe it is not the job of any politician to force their religious belief’s on anyone.We are a potpourri of all religions in this country and for the catholic church to decry this President for his stance on birth control and insurance coverage is a sin in itself. This man is trying his best to think of all people,not just catholics or extremist evangelicals who thump the bible whenever it’s convenient but will gladly lambast any religion other than their own at any given time. What the President holds in his own heart is not something the entire country should be privey to.He is not a priest or clergyman in any way. It is amazing that you all want to jump behind a Mormon because he willingly tells you exactly what you want to hear without any substance at all.The republicans will eliminate an entire class of people if given the chance and that in itself is something you all should fear.Without any help at all for the poor is the catholic church going to support them if the republicans succeed in descimating us? Start using some intelligence for once and maybe we’ll all get somewhere.After all Our Lord never used any extreme to make a point but somehow extreme has become a religion of its own today!

  • Mara

    Abortion will never end by suppressing women’s rights. And this free country of ours will never make abortion illegal.

  • Not Bamboozled

    Got it. We should not vote for Romney or Obama because they both support gay Boy Scouts and have a record of supporting abortion rights. Let’s not forget: Five Republican presidential candidates back in June signed a pledge to advance the anti-abortion movement if elected to the White House, but Mitt Romney wasn’t one of them. Talk is cheap.



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