Beato Subito: Blessed John Paul II?

Anyone up for a trip to Rome this fall?

Whispers reports that the announcement of the planned beatification of Pope John Paul II  is imminent:

Under the headline, “The cardinals OK the miracle, Wojtyla will be beatified,” the most reliable of vaticanisti —Andrea Tornielli of Il Giornale — revealed that the cardinal-members of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints voted yesterday to affirm the finding of the dicastery’s medical board that no natural explanation could be found for the healing of a French nun from Parkinson’s disease, the same condition which ravaged the Polish Pope in the final act of his monumental 27-year reign.

With the miracle approved, all that remains is for Pope Benedict to accept the conclusion — something which would normally take place in a routine private audience with the prefect of the Congregation, Cardinal Angelo Amato, which could occur within days. Preparations would then begin in earnest for what will inevitably end up being the Vatican’s biggest gathering since the late pontiff’s 2005 funeral, which drew 5 million people to Rome; according to Tornielli, the formal beatification rites could take place in the fall, with 16 October — the anniversary of John Paul’s 1978 election (and, conveniently, a Sunday this year) — cited as the most likely date.

Later Rocco writes on the challenge of choosing a feast day.

One question that does remain open is the matter of selecting a feast day for the reported Blessed-in-waiting. As the 2 April anniversary of John Paul’s death often falls within Holy Week or the Octave of Easter — and, as such, would see the feast frequently wiped off the calendar — it’s more than likely that a different date would at least be considered, much as Blessed John XXIII is commemorated on 11 October (the opening-date of Vatican II) and Blessed John Henry Newman is now celebrated two days earlier, on the anniversary of his 1845 reception into the Catholic fold.



  • Vermont Crank

    Last year The Bride and I visited Rome and when we went inside The Basilica of St Peter I was deeply moved by absolutely everything I saw, and I was amased by how it was that Sacred Basilica evoked within me so many warm and inspiriting thoughts and how it made me feel so proud to be a Catholic, and while we were Blessed to see first-hand the beautiful marble inside of that Holy marvel I had The Bride take photos of me in front of a few of my heroes – Pope Pius XII and Pope St. Pius X.

    Eventually, we made our way down into the Papal Crypt and in front of the tomb of Pope John Paul II I suddenly began to cry profusely and profoundly.

    And I am one who has had very many mixed thoughts about his Papacy.

    I am still nonplused by my totally unanticipated reaction to standing before his Tomb but there is no doubt in my mind that if The Church declares him a Saint – then he IS a Saint. Period.

    And I will be honored to defend his Sainthood especially because I have harbored many doubts about him.

    If that seems an odd reaction on my part, consider;

    Are there any Doctrines/Disciplines/Precepts of the Catholic Church that I disagree with or do not understand yet accept with a humble and obedient docility?

    If not, if I only believe/accept from the Church what my intellect and will has already concluded is right and just and true, then that is just another way of saying that I am the authority and not the Catholic Church; which is just a Confession that I am a Protestant.

    As one who still has doubts about the Papacy of Pope John Paul II, I look forward to having my personal opinions about his Sanctity set right by Holy Mother Church.

    • Amanda

      I admire your humility. Let us pray that everyone will be lovingly obedient to the Church.

  • GW why do I need 3 letters or more?

    Maybe the feast day could be his birthday in May.

  • Tom Crowe

    I’m all for making saints look great, but I’m not sure Benedict intends “beautify” John Paul II! 😉

    • Kara

      Ha! Correction made. Too much happening here at CatholicVote HQ…



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