Beautiful: Pope Benedict simply explains the good of school to children

The Vatican Information Service explains “Yesterday evening in the Apostolic Palace at Castelgandolfo, Benedict XVI received a group of pupils, parents and teachers from the local Paul VI Pontifical School.”

Here is what he said to them. I think it is wonderful how the pope communicates very rich truths in such simple language:

“Dear children”, said the Pope in his remarks, “you go to school and you learn naturally, and I am recalling that seventy-seven years have now passed since I began school. I lived in a small village of three hundred inhabitants, … yet we learned the essential things. Most importantly, we learned to read and write. I think it is a great thing to be able to read and write, because in this way we can know other people’s ideas, read newspapers and books. We can also know what was written two thousand or more years ago; we can know the spiritual continents of the world and communicate with one another. Above all there is one extraordinary thing: God wrote a book, He spoke to us human beings, finding people to write the book containing the Word of God. Reading that book, we can read what God says to us”.

The Holy Father went on: “At school you learn everything you need for life. You also learn to know God, to know Jesus and thus you learn how to live well. At school you make a lot of friends and this is a beautiful thing because in this way you form one big family, but among our best friends, the first we meet and know should be Jesus Who is a friend to everyone and truly shows us the path of life.”

A good reminder about what is important as we wind-down our busy week at work.

I remember seeing some time ago a report that Pope Benedict is writing a book for children. Can anyone find information about when it will be published and in what languages?



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  • Mr. Peters, I saw you on EWTN tEsther

    Mr. Peters I saw you on the program Life on the Rock/EWTN today and I enjoyed it very much. It was great program. Thank you.

  • Cailin

    Hi Thomas, calling all Catholics to support our Vote NO today in the ITimes in Ireland. Please pass on the message to as many as possible. Thanks. 2days poll in IT re women priests & boycott in Ireland. scroll down 2right. Vote NO! u dont hav 2 b in Eire 2 vote.

  • Mike M

    Pope Benedict is such an awesome man!



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