Benedict's mission, and the MSM's counter-attack

The mainstream media’s tactics represented today by the Washington Post’s foreign service:

When Pope Benedict XVI lands here Wednesday for his first visit to Latin America since becoming pontiff, he will set foot in a region considered by many here to be the heart of his church, home to nearly half the world’s Roman Catholics.

A clear challenge awaits him: to persuade them to stay true to a church that is losing thousands of adherents throughout the region every day.

The reality of Benedict’s mission expressed and defended today by Cardinal Bertone:

About Benedict XVI’s upcoming trip to Brazil, Cardinal Bertone said, “A lot of attention is being paid by the Church to Latin America and the situations that are already being widely analyzed, as well by the press and the media, on the occasion of the Pope’s first intercontinental trip.”

“We will see results,” he affirmed. “We will also see the fruits of this trip, we will hear strong messages from the Pope and we hope that they will be heard, especially by the local communities and Churches, but also by politicians of every nation.”

And no, this isn’t a case of “us-vs-them-ism”, this is about caring for the future of people’s souls.





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