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Contact: Joshua Mercer, Endorses Ben Sasse for Senate

Nebraskans should send ‘Obamacare’s Nemesis’ to the Senate

CHICAGO — Brian Burch, President of, issued the following statement:

“We are proud to announce our endorsement of Ben Sasse in his bid for the United States Senate seat in Nebraska. Obamacare is not only failing to provide affordable and accessible health care, it is a grave threat to human life and religious liberty. Getting 51 votes to repeal Obamacare is an important first step in true health care reform, but we need to do more than that. We need Ben Sasse in the Senate to help us replace Obamacare with a system that will unleash the power of freedom to lower costs and increase access for everyone, while respecting privacy, conscience, and the dignity of human life.

“From his experience as Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services to his successful tenure turning around Midland University, Ben Sasse has a record of leadership which will serve him well in the United States Senate.

“We encourage Catholics and all Nebraskans to support Ben Sasse in the May 13 primary.” is the largest Catholic grassroots organization in the country with 600,000 members, including 3,500 members in Nebraska.




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  • Jean

    It appears to me that “catholicvote” is a political organization, not a catholic one. There is only one Catholic in the Nebraska senate race, Bart McLeay. Bart is pro life, conservative and the only devout practicing Catholic. Shouldn’t a catholic organization support a true catholic, especially when there is only one running? You should be ashamed…your true colors are showing.

    • Joshua Mercer

      We endorsed Ben Sasse because we think he is the best candidate in the field. (You can disagree with that assessment of course.) But you seem to suggest that if a candidate is Catholic he is automatically the best candidate and must be supported.

      • Nic

        Why an endorsement in this race at all? There are no other races listed under your tag of Senate 2014. Are you endorsing solely in Nebraska? And if so, why or how did you choose to get involved in this race where candidates like Osborn and McLeay would also well represent the Catholic positions in Washington.

      • morganB

        Do these candidates have to pass a litmus test?

  • Mark

    I think my fellow Nebraska Catholics should vote for Bart McLeay, who is the most qualified candidate and the only Catholic in the race.

  • Mike

    Did your organization speak to Shane Osborn? He is pro-life and sends his kids to Catholic Schools

  • Jeanie

    I’m a conscientious voting Catholic, wondering if there’s a reason I should *not* vote for Shane Osborn? Thanks.

  • Nic

    Under what criteria or whose influence did decide to endorse a non-Catholic candidate over the other pro-life conservative candidates for this seat? Sasse does not support the Catholic position any more – and arguably less – than other candidates. As a politically astute, devout Catholic in Lincoln, Nebraska I am appalled that an organization from out of state is attempting to get involved in this race and misrepresent Sasse as the Catholic choice for Nebraska. Worse yet, is that Catholic priests in the diocese are promoting this endorsement.



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