Biblical Echoes for Today

With all the coincidences today, you’d think a Higher Power was at work or something. Today of course is the March for Life where we bear witness to the 55 million lives lost to legal abortion, a “right” invented by the Supreme Court. This occurs the same year that our own government actively denies First Amendment protection to employers who morally object to abortifacients and contraceptives, and when a majority of Catholics voted for the most pro-abortion President ever elected. Catholics may have been confused this year as even leaders in the Church gave tacit or explicit support to political positions contrary to the faith. We have a situation now where some Catholics deny that a fetus is a life, and some pro-choicers recognize that it is.

America has certainly been in the desert. Others have recognized the significance of the forty-year anniversary of Roe occurring in 2013, as it harkens back to Exodus 20:13‘s commandment to not kill. Yesterday’s first reading in the Office of Readings was from Deuteronomy 9, where Moses recounts how Israel fell at the Golden Calf, yet he prays that God spare them. Even though they knew God’s will and had His law, they still reject both and are thereby consigned to forty years of wandering. There are too many contemporary golden calves to mention, but two prominent ones would have to be Christian denominations rejecting the Church’s consistent teaching on contraception, and the sexual revolution which that rejection made possible.

We also celebrate today the feast of the conversion of St. Paul. There are lots of pre-conversion Pauls around today: people who zealously follow and promote the prevailing cultural dogmas. Instead of Pharisiasm, our culture promotes secularism and sexual license, and its proponents love seats of honor, be they at the Oscars or in the White House. When Jesus confronts Paul that he is persecuting Him through persecuting his followers in the Church, Paul’s conversion is effected. Though no blood has been shed yet, it is clear that the Church is being persecuted today. If Christ could reach the zealous Paul, he can certainly convert our culture. As St. Paul met Jesus on the road to Damascus, may our country meet Jesus as his followers are on the road to the Supreme Court.


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