Big corporation’s ad shows a priest and his parish in a positive light

We’ve all suffered for our church as late-night comedians and Hollywood movie makers have used the Catholic Church and the priesthood as a source of ridicule.

These attacks have started to slow down a little lately from their high water mark of a few years back.

But I have to say: I didn’t expect something this positive:

Here’s a restaurant giving a glowing view of a Catholic parish’s fish fry — with beaming faces, a friendly priest, and there’s a statue of Our Blessed Mother.

Yes, of course, Long John Silver’s is just trying to sell some more food. Other companies (movies and TV shows especially) have tried to make money, too, but they did it by attacking our faith. Give credit to this company: They are complimenting the parish fish fry and hoping you will get that same great feeling when you eat at their restaurant. Even if their motive is to make money for themselves, this company is spending their own money telling people that parish celebrations are fun. For at least 30 seconds, many people are finally getting a message about our Church that isn’t negative.

I’ll take it.



  • Liz

    I have very fond memories of Long John Silver’s on Lenten Friday nights. There were always a bunch of other Catholic families there, and it was fun to have dinner with other kids from my school. I definitely appreciate this commercial!

  • Bob

    If the Church would only stop bashing alternative folks and focus on what this commercial depicts, they would begin to win hearts and minds in the open marketplace of ideas. Time to embrace marriage equality.

  • Doug

    Joshua, I enjoyed the positive news. Let’s provide it without knocking the making of money. For one, do we know they are “just” trying to sell food? Maybe they are also trying to provide jobs and offer a worthwhile product to the marketplace…and maybe their motive is not ONLY money but also to earn it in a positive way.

    • Joshua Mercer

      I didn’t mean to suggest that their motives were bad because they were making money.

  • Venita Sciacca

    I am a Catholic, African American Female and was quite pleased with the ‘Fish Fry Commercial’. It showed a diverse congregation and shed a positive light on the Catholic faith. Thank you.

  • Arele

    Yes, DO patronize Long John Silvers. They are struggling right now to stay afloat (no pun intended). They can use your support!



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