[Updated] Bishop Hubbard to Celebrate Mass for Dissenting Gay/Lesbian Group

What a difference a bishop makes.

When the “Catholic” Association for Lesbian & Gay Ministry attempted to hold a fundraiser in a St. Paul-Minneapolis parish several months ago, Archbishop Niensted quickly put a stop to it.

When the same “Catholic” Association for Lesbian & Gay Ministry (CALGM) announces it will host its national conference in Albany, NY, Bishop Howard Hubbard agrees to celebrate Mass for them.

Bishop Hubbard turns 75 in a little over two years, but he seems intent on continuing to inflict pastoral damage on his diocese until he retires.

This is the same bishop who has publicly praised and gave Communion to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, approved the distribution of free needles by Catholic Charities to serial drug abusers, and through his position on the US Bishops’ committee on international justice and peace, puts Catholic endorsement behind horrible political proposals which will harm our fragile economy.

Bishop Hubbard’s association with the “Catholic” Association for Lesbian & Gay Ministry presents a scandal to members of his whole diocese, who are being dutifully informed of his activities in their parish bulletins (imagine having to explain this news item to your kids?). Numerous distressed Catholics from the diocese emailed me to alert me to this story. It’s not the first time they’ve found themselves in the position of trying to figure out what on earth their bishop is up to.

We need to keep praying for the Catholics of Albany that they will persevere until the time comes when they are granted better shepherds.

If you wish to contact Bishop Hubbard, you may do so (with charity) by emailing info@rcda.org.

UPDATE: Some folks in the comments are claiming I didn’t do enough research on CALGM. I just spent ten minutes more on this and here’s what I found (in addition to what I’ve posted on CALGM before):

Catholic Culture’s rating of the group’s website:

  • There is a consistent denial of the Church’s teaching on the objective sinfulness of homosexual acts. Example(s)
  • There is no mention on the site of the essential “call to chastity”. Example(s)
  • The links section includes many secular, pro-gay activist organizations.

The blog “Queering the Church” would “happily endorse a retreat” led by CALGM. ‘Nuff said.

For another peak into what CALGM actually does and how it distorts Catholic teaching, read this woman’s experience.

As I’ve written before, groups and individuals that dissent from the Church’s teaching on these issues are smart enough to hide it from plain view. The real damage happens in the actual encounters and private sessions they host (where they are careful to exclude persons who actually agree with the Church’s teaching).

I think it says a lot about what they are attempting to do when they are forced to be deceptive about how they accomplish it.

UPDATE 2: More from Kathleen Gilbert at LifeSiteNews:

One visible clash between [Catholic Alliance for Lesbian and Gay Ministry] and Catholic teaching took place in 2008, when the group invited then-coadjutor Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento to speak at their national conference – an invitation that the bishop accepted.

To organizers’ surprise, however, Soto took the opportunity to point out that any sexual activity outside marriage between a man and a woman is sinful.

“Sexual relations between people of the same sex can be alluring for homosexuals but it deviates from the true meaning of the act and distracts them from the true nature of love to which God has called us all. For this reason, it is sinful,” he said.

Following the speech, which met with mostly silence from the audience, a board member of the association told the crowd, “on behalf of the board, I apologize. We had no idea Bishop Soto was going to say what he said.”

What will Bishop Hubbard say, I wonder?



135 thoughts on “[Updated] Bishop Hubbard to Celebrate Mass for Dissenting Gay/Lesbian Group

  1. Nicholas says:

    At one time the Church justified slavery, said that husbands could at times beat their wives, said that the earth was at the center of creation, and used Scripture when doing so. Clearly, things have “changed” in the Church, changes which conservatives don’t decry as embodying departure from traditional teachings. Otherwise, they’d be clamoring for a return to slavery, wife beating, and earth-centric cosmology, calling these things “God’s will”. Our understandings of human sexuality have changed too. The Church will marry handicapped people and elderly people, people who will have sexual relations with no possibility or probability of procreation being pat of it. Yet that’s what sex is for, right? Or is it also a vehicle of affection, bonding, and the most basic of human pleasures?

    In the early Church, marriage was not a Christian vocation as it is today. The fathers railed against it. People celebrated the feats of saints who they were named after and not their own birthdays, because the latter were reminders of “parental lust”. Christians were taught to not sit with their legs crossed because in doing so, the Holy Cross was formed with their “vile, lower parts”. Parents were encouraged, when their children left home, to live chastely like brother and sister, or to enter religious houses. All this changed in the west. A mistake? How many of you would like to return to REAL Church teachings? Not many, I’ll bet.

    The day will come when same sex attraction will be seen by most Christians as being, not abnormal, but uncommon. It will be tolerated, as will loving, monogamous same sex relationships, however defined. God gave us Scripture but He also gave us brains. Jesus said not one thing about homosexuality. he did speak of love, tolerance, and not casting stones. Martin Luther once said that, “reason and intellect are enemies of faith, to be utterly crushed and destroyed.” A shame that many Catholics embrace this too. They are gifts from God.

  2. o. larocque says:

    no contraciepton mandate for our catholic church. we need to encourage the group called “courage” to counteract the gay lifestyle and promote chastity life style.

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