Bishop of Brooklyn: If You Voted for Obama, You’re Responsible for the Culture of Death

Meet Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn, NY.

In his regular column for the Brooklyn Diocese newspaper, The Tablet, Bishop DiMarzio doesn’t mince any words or pull any punches.  He offers a clear and convincing exposition of the current administration’s attack on the Church and on the culture.

And in a statement directed straight at Obama supporters, well he just lays it right out there:

In my view, those who voted for President Obama bear the responsibility for a step deeper in the culture of death.

Yup, sounds about right.

See the entire article by Bishop DiMarzio here.  I’ll let a few more of his statements speak for themselves:

The forces of death press on from every side in contemporary American culture. It is clear there is an assault on the people of faith in our country. For instance, there are the current health insurance reforms that were imposed on our Nation obligating Catholic institutions to provide employees with medical procedures and services we believe to be in defiance of the will of God.

We know that today an Administration that is hostile requires contraception and sterilization. However, as Government involves itself in our internal affairs, there is little doubt in anyone’s mind that the Government would seek to compel religious institutions to provide abortion services in the future.

Some may think my tone a bit strident and even un-nuanced. Maybe the time has come for more direct conversation on these matters, if we hope to preserve what is left of our God-given and Constitutionally-protected rights.

Say what you want about his style, but no one can say Bishop DiMarzio doesn’t care about his country, or about the souls he is charged with.



  • Michael DeVita


  • Glenna Bradshaw

    Very happy to see this…just wish we’d heard such unambiguous preaching back in 2007/08. To paraphrase JPII, “Just like Catholics to shut the barn door after the horse is out.”

  • Emgeekay

    This message should have been proclaimed loudly and clearly BEFORE the election.

    • Maria Ribando Burmaster

      I think this message has been proclaimed over and over by the USCCB for many years. Just like civil law, YOU are responsible to know it. How many times do they have to announce the same thing? The message Jesus proclaimed has been around for over 2000 years and still people don’t listen to IT.

      • Emgeekay

        What you say is true, I know. I just think that this is so important that it’s worth proclaiming over and over, loudly and clearly, so that no one can be in any possible doubt. We all know people who place social justice issues above all else, not realizing that abortion is the biggest social justice issue of all.We can’t make people heed the Gospel message, but we do have the responsibility of making sure they get that message.

      • John Madison

        USCCB is part of the problem. They send mixed messages on all tenets of the liberal agenda. They confuse and divide the faithful.

  • Michelle DeSelms

    In 2007, before he was even elected, but was still running and dangling Obamacare as a carrot for the masses… our church deacon stood before our congregation and told us we should vote for him as it would bring “social justice” to the poor. I guess he forgot about all the babies that have been aborted, or not conceived, or conceived but whose mothers wombs were too hostile for them to implant. Not only that, but once Obamacare is fully implimented, JUST YOU WAIT, rationing will happen. I am part of a retired military family, and we are already “rationed” with which drugs we are allowed (less expensive, not necessarily most effective), my son, handicapped… happened to be hospitalized last year… HAD TO INSIST that the DNR be removed from his record… he’s 20, not 80! He’s handicapped, not a potato… The LIES that come from this serpent and his sycophantic followers continue to nauseate me daily… and we must endure, and people will continue to die… Just wait until your 70 y/o relative has a minor stroke that can be easily fixed w/ a surgical stent, and instead will be given “comfort care” only… and instead of resuming his/her normal life in a few days… that person will linger and die… one less person to care and collect from SS…

    • Paulspr

      There are not death panels in Obamacare. You are just making things up.

      • Carolyn Izzo

        You need to educate yourself….There ARE panels that will decide criteria for care, criteria based on your value as a human being, based on their criteria of value. WAKE UP how do you think they are paying for this monstrosity???? Denial of care or DEATH PANELS.

        • Micheal Garza

          There are panels NOW within each healthcare company that decide criteria for care, that decide where you get treatment based on value to their bottom line. There are panels within the medical community that decide criteria for what patients are eligible for transplants and any number of procedures. This was BEFORE Obamacare. These things have been in place for decades. People need to educate themselves before spreading misinformation.

          • Carolyn Izzo

            As a Nurse for 40 years in a hospital….I never saw care denied by insurance companies. Payment might have been an issue but not care….Those decisions for what procedures and how far care was taken was completely between the patient/family and the Dr. Now if you don’t fit the profile for the care you need you don’t get it no matter what you or your Dr want……

          • David H. Gorski

            As a Nurse for 40 years in a hospital….I never saw care denied by insurance companies.

            Then you must not have been paying attention. Seriously.

          • blipper8

            I have been working in health law for 24 years and insurance companies have been denying care all along. If insurers are contracted to provide medically necessary care and they take every measure they can to not do so, they are denying care.

          • Marcia Brown Castro

            I did Utilization Review at a 500 Bed Level I Trauma Center. I was responsible for giving reviews to the insurance company reviewers. I can tell you I have had them tell me exactly what could be done and what couldn’t. My best friend died because her insurance company refused to pay for care at Cancer Center Of America. They told her she could get the same care locally (no she couldn’t ) and it was less expensive here. I just heard on the news the other night that some doctors are refusing to be on the Obamacare Death Panel. It’s a federal job, so it pays less, and they don’t want their reputation and morals tainted deciding who can live and who can die. Katherine Sobelius will probably do it and she’d be more than glad to put us seniors under, 6 feet under!

          • rightactions

            Correction: Your best friend died because she herself wouldn’t pay for care at whatever place pleased her.

            Carolyn Izzo is correct. Insurance companies don’t deny care, they may however deny payment according to the terms of the policies people choose to buy. Nobody but yourself ever stopped you from working for free, honey.

          • Micheal Garza

            Denying payment is denying care. That is how healthcare insurance companies ration care. Of course everyone in this country can receive any care they want in this country before Obamacare and after Obamacare if they have the unlimited funds to do so.

          • Micheal Garza

            That’s completely inaccurate. My deceased father was in a high quality rehab center after a major surgery where he was getting amazing care and where he was improving by leaps and bounds. Because that facility cost more than another type of rehab facility, he was moved to that facility, despite our objections and the doctors at that high quality facility, where the care was horrible (nurses asleep, Facebooking) and he died less than 2 weeks later. We had absolutely no say in keeping him in the rehab center unless we wanted to pay tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket because the insurance company would have denied coverage. And I find it incredulous to believe that you’ve never come across a case where someone needed a transplant but couldn’t get one because they didn’t meet conditions set by a board of administrators that oversees organ transplants.

        • OneTickedMama

          Obamacare is infused with the “complete lives” system methodology, the brainchild of Dr Ezekiel Emmanuel, past WH advisor. Educate yourself so that you may be an advocate for the elderly and disabled:

          Obama’s Health Rationer-in-Chief~White House health-care adviser Ezekiel Emanuel blames the Hippocratic Oath for the ‘overuse’ of medical care.

      • Carolyn Izzo
        Check this out and educate yourself, you and others who will not read are why we are in this mess.

        • OneTickedMama

          Another excellent resource to share and educate others is the documentary : The Determinators

    • Dave

      It was wrong of your deacon to encourage voting for a pro-abortion candidate, of course, but what I can’t get over is that he said it to the congregation! Did he get in trouble for that? If not, then I have a feeling that had he encouraged the congregation not to do so, the results would’ve been different.

    • Amberle Pope Szot

      Your congregation should have gone to a priest or the Bishop and demanded this Deacon be reprimanded or removed. It is our duty as Catholics to vote for the candidate who stands most for life. He is clearly not following the magisterium of the Catholic Church. I’m sure you know that already, just peeved from hearing this stuff time and time again. This is our problem as laity for not doing as we should. The clergy are only a part of the church and we all are failing.

  • Paulspr

    In 2011 the Vatican representative in the United Nations argued against the passage of a bill that would have made it illegal to execute someone for the sole reason that they were gay or lesbian. Based on the Bishop’s logic, all Catholics are part of the culture of death

    • Msgr. Charles M. Mangan

      J.M.J. No, Paul, not all Catholics. Rather, only those who share the intention of the Obama Administration to promote abortion and redefine marriage participate in fostering the Culture of Death. May that never be said about us. We want, instead, to promote the Gospel of Life.

      • Marvin Derks

        Fostering an anti-women’s right of choice agenda is fostering the death of free will and promoting slavery of all women, in my opinion.

        • kcard82

          Free will is not doing whatever you want. Free will is having the freedom to do what is right. It is not right to kill babies.

          • Marvin Derks

            Free will is the ability to live your life without being enslaved. By enslaved, I mean being put in a situation where an ethical option that is available to you is taken away. I believe a woman’s right to choose when she will bring a child into the world is an ethical option that all women have.

          • kcard82

            What you “believe” is irrelevant. Your belief system does not trump facts. Killing babies is never, ever an ethical option. Ethical options are parenting and adoption. Using the word “enslaved” is a bit of an exaggeration.

          • Terry Sifrit

            What you “believe” is irrelevant. Your belief system does not trump [okay, facts isn’t the correct term for you either] common sense. Taking away someone’s rights is never, ever an ethical option.

            You don’t get to decide what’s right. You don’t get to judge. Only God gets to do that.

          • kcard82

            “okay, facts isn’t the correct term for you either” FACT: Killing babies is wrong.

            “Taking away someone’s rights is never, ever an ethical option.” The “right” to murder children is an injustice and that can never, ever be justified as an ethical option.

            “You don’t get to decide what’s right. You don’t get to judge. Only God gets to do that.” I’m sorry but that is a cop-out. Believe it or not, there are objective truths out there and I do have the right to tell someone that murder is wrong. Calling out someone is not judging, it’s actually an act of charity.

          • Marvin Derks

            What I believe is based on my experiences, including a robust study of human rights. My beliefs are very relevant to me. I hope you don’t mind if I share them. Your facts, in my opinion, do not show an understanding of human rights but I don’t find your post as irrelevant.

          • kcard82

            I really don’t see what is so hard to understand that killing babies is wrong. It doesn’t take someone who has undertaken a “robust study of human rights” to understand that dismembering (i.e. ripping off arms and legs and collapsing skulls) children is wrong. Your posts are a sad indication of moral relativism.

          • Msgr. Charles M. Mangan

            J.M.J. I agree with you, kcard82. Marvin and liberals alike should be promoting the sanctity of human life in the womb. That’s te greatest liberal cause possible.

          • Marvin Derks

            Thank-you for sharing your opinion and what you believe. I find your opinion and what you believe to be relevant and also inaccurate.

          • mitchd

            Marvin, if a woman wants to choose when to bring life into the world she may responsibly choose when to have sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is known to cause pregnancy. If a woman is not prepared to bring life into this world she can either abstain or become familiar with her fertility cycle. Once that life is created it is has as much right to live as the woman who carries it.

          • Connor McGinnis

            It seems that first we must agree that the child has no right to life and it is okay to kill them. If that was the case, however, we wouldn’t be having this argument. The logic seems kinda circular…unless you think mothers burdened with five year-olds should be allowed to get rid of them as well.

          • Msgr. Charles M. Mangan

            J.M.J. And Marvin is also incorrect when he stated that we need to “experience” God and His love. It exists for us whether we “experience” it or not.

        • Megin2333

          And what of the right of the child? Convenient that the dead child has no say about his/her life being their voice is not heard…My mother has no right to make that decision for me.

          • Marvin Derks

            In my opinion, the fetus has no rights. Rights begin at birth.

          • rightactions

            The phrase is “endowed by their Creator” not “…Birther”.

            Your opinion is defective. Your assertion about “rights” is wrong.

        • $22237547

          Fertility is not a disease and children are not the enemy. There are many moral and natural actions women are free to choose for themselves by which they can exercise their free will to bear a child. In fact, nothing makes them more “powerful.” They can embrace their fertility as the gift it is. They can abstain when they wish to avoid conceiving or choose to engage in the marital act to try to conceive. Viewed this way, women and men choose freely together when to engage in the unitive and procreative act. I obviously speak of sexual relations in the context of marriage because this is what God ordered to be truly right and good. Of course, I know rape, incest, sexual slavery and sex outside of marriage all occur but nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, enslaves women like contraception, sterilization and abortion. These things are anything BUT liberating for women.

          These things permit incest, rape and sexual slavery to go undetected and unprosecuted. These things make women useful only for the sexual amusement of men, when and where men demand because no strings are attached….no responsibility must be claimed. These things render women perpetually, sexually available to men, men who will, and do, take full, unfettered and controlling advantage of women as mere “conveniences.” (And this can occur even in a so-called “loving”
          marriage!) You, “Marvin Derks” (a MAN, I presume?) are tragically mistaken and deceived, but you are at the same time, cunningly deceptive, as well. You are promoting the single most pernicious lie ever perpetrated on women: that contraception, sterilization and abortion put women in “control,” when, in fact, they do precisely the opposite. Contraception, sterilization and abortion allow MEN to retain complete control. By promoting this sinister agenda, which is
          THE “war on women,” you are responsible for fostering the REAL enslavement of all women and you will have to account for that someday.

          Conversely, the Catholic Church teaches and advances the true worth and dignity of women and in so doing, there is no other entity who has done so with such steadfast charity and consistency for all generations. Alas, the Catholic Church will exist into perpetuity and will continue to teach TRUTH to combat Satan’s lies (and men like you who propagate them) while those of your ilk will happily go on the road to perdition, promoting the REAL war on women, all the while contracepting, sterilizing and aborting yourselves right out of existence.

          Meanwhile, I and women like me, will happily and FREELY live as grateful, educated and thinking Catholics who know their true value and worth, as taught by the Catholic Church. However, we will stand on the front lines with the Church against the Obama administration’s
          unjust mandates. Obama’s agendas are what threaten OUR freedoms and those of ALL women, even those who have bought the lies themselves and who cooperate in hurting all of mankind’s sisters now and those of future generations.

      • Paulspr

        As I noted above, the Vatican representative supported allowing foreign governments to continue to execute homosexuals. So yes, all Catholics support the culture of death. Shame on us for allowing anti-gay bigotry to become so pervasive in our church that our officials argue for the death penalty for them.

        • FatherTim

          I was very disappointed regarding the position of the Holy See on this issue.

        • kcard82

          Oh yes, the big, mean Catholic Church hates homosexuals. From the CCC, “They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.”

        • Heather Boddicker

          A Vatican rep does not speak for the Church or the Holy See. It is a completely seperate entity. Get your facts straight before you go spreading lies. Shame on you.

          • Greg B.

            So let’s get this straight, we can’t hold the Vatican responsible for the positions of its representative, acting in his official capacity, but we can hold every person who voted for a candidate accountable for the positions of that candidate. Wow.

        • Charles Trig Olio

          I think you are lying.

          • Msgr. Charles M. Mangan

            J.M.J. Sadly, Paul has a long history of that, Charles.

        • Mary Moran O’Malley

          What “anti-gay bigotry” and who in the Church argues “for the death penalty for them”????????

        • rightactions

          Correction: as you asserted without evidence above…

          Provide the link honey, so we can judge the truth of your claims ourselves.

      • Greg B.

        If the Vatican supports the death penalty for gays. And you support the Vatican via support of your local archdiocese, you are supporting a culture of death. Same logic the bishop is using here.

  • abadilla

    “In my view, those who voted for President Obama bear the responsibility for a step deeper in the culture of death.”
    I feel the same way and when folks tell me they voted for Obama and then complain about him, they get a piece of my mind, and it ain’t pretty!



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