Bishop of Brooklyn: If You Voted for Obama, You’re Responsible for the Culture of Death

Meet Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn, NY.

In his regular column for the Brooklyn Diocese newspaper, The Tablet, Bishop DiMarzio doesn’t mince any words or pull any punches.  He offers a clear and convincing exposition of the current administration’s attack on the Church and on the culture.

And in a statement directed straight at Obama supporters, well he just lays it right out there:

In my view, those who voted for President Obama bear the responsibility for a step deeper in the culture of death.

Yup, sounds about right.

See the entire article by Bishop DiMarzio here.  I’ll let a few more of his statements speak for themselves:

The forces of death press on from every side in contemporary American culture. It is clear there is an assault on the people of faith in our country. For instance, there are the current health insurance reforms that were imposed on our Nation obligating Catholic institutions to provide employees with medical procedures and services we believe to be in defiance of the will of God.

We know that today an Administration that is hostile requires contraception and sterilization. However, as Government involves itself in our internal affairs, there is little doubt in anyone’s mind that the Government would seek to compel religious institutions to provide abortion services in the future.

Some may think my tone a bit strident and even un-nuanced. Maybe the time has come for more direct conversation on these matters, if we hope to preserve what is left of our God-given and Constitutionally-protected rights.

Say what you want about his style, but no one can say Bishop DiMarzio doesn’t care about his country, or about the souls he is charged with.



  • Greg B.

    By the same token – if you put a dollar into the collection basket of a Catholic church, you’re responsible for the culture of child rape.

  • Jim Mc Quillan

    There should be more like him. Maybe all the Bishops. Cardinal Dolan plays around but this Bishop, the one in Philadelphia and one or two more are the only ones who have the guts to stand up and speak out. Every Bishop in this country should be ordering every pastor and priest in their Dioceses to stand up and instruct their parishioners to take an active part in stopping President Obama and his minions in their efforts to attack the Church and our beliefs.

  • John Barba

    How about the clergy accepting some responsibility for allowing “Catholic” politicians to provide justifications to voters without fear of excommunication

  • Micheal Garza

    It’s disconcerting to me that a number of bishops and high ranking officials in the Church are so disconnected with their parishioners. The Catholic church is a non-political entity and should be. Who we vote for is a personal decision that takes any number of factors into account. I respect that some members of the faith focus only on abortion. That is your right and your personal decision. And we expect that you respect our decision to take other things into account. As an example, the Republican party and its last several candidates for the Presidency have all either taken us to war or have advocated pro-war positions. The wars in the last decade have results in the deaths of close to 200,000 people and it is estimated that we will ultimately spend $4 trillion dollars in war costs, healthcare, and other aid to veterans and to rebuild those countries. Would Jesus support a war with those casualties? No. Even a small part of that money could wipe out child poverty in this country. Could help reduce the mortality rate. Think of how that money could be spent doing the things the Church does with donations from parishioners rather than spending it going to war. This is why MOST members of the Church support the Democratic party. It’s sad that some of our bishops don’t get that.

  • Mary Moran O’Malley

    Ninety-one percent of faculty and administrators from America’s top Catholic universities who contributed to presidential campaigns in 2012 gave to President Obama. Official Federal Election Commission data made available by the government transparency site, revealed that employees of the top 23 Catholic schools contributed $449,229 to President Obama while giving just $70,304 to Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

  • Carolyn Izzo

    WHERE was this before the election???? Why was not this preached in the pulpit….Not one word from my Bishop or Pastor. They are part of the sin

    • Greg B.

      Because doing so would threaten the church’s tax exempt status – and rightly so.

      • rightactions

        Wrongly so.



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