Bishop Paprocki: Saying the Rosary for Gay Marriage is Blasphemy


Paprocki3Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, IL has already demonstrated his ability to stand tall against hostile advocates of gay marriage.

Maybe it’s a certain toughness bred from his experience as a hockey goalie.  More likely it’s a rock-solid commitment, born out of love for Christ and his Church, to defend the souls he is charged with from the subtle but relentless onslaught of sin and ignorance that Satan unleashes through the culture of death.

It’s what they used to call apostolic zeal, and Bishop Paprocki has it in spades.

So when a group of Catholics who support the legalization of gay marriage in Illinois announced plans to gather at Springfield’s cathedral of the Immaculate Conception to recite the Rosary for the cause of same-sex marriage, Bishop Paprocki obliged them with a simple, clear response:

Not on my watch.

As reported at Catholic Culture, the bishop made it clear that anyone attempting to enter the cathedral wearing the “rainbow sash” would be denied entrance, and anyone praying out loud for same-sex marriage would be asked to leave.

“It is blasphemy to show disrespect or irreverence to God or to something holy…Since Jesus clearly taught that marriage as created by God is a sacred institution between a man and a woman (see Matthew 19:4-6 and Mark 10:6-9), praying for same-sex marriage should be seen as blasphemous and as such will not be permitted in the cathedral.”

There are a good number of other bishops who I am sure would have said the same thing.  But a good number can always be a better number, and we can never have too many shepherds like this.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Lord, send us more bishops like Bishop Paprocki.



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  • TeaPot562

    @Robert at 10:20 a.m.: If specified conduct is always sinful, isn’t it more charitable to name the sin as it is (Calling a “spade” a spade), rather than pussyfooting around? Jesus after forgiving sins said at least once, “Go, but from now on, avoid this sin!”

  • norma and ron parker

    We will be praying for Bishop paprocki

  • Mike

    It is time that this same kind of courage that Bishop Paprocki has demonstrated be seen in other bishops. They must defend the faith or we will surely lose it!

  • Robert

    The only thing blasphemous is a bishop who claims to be Christian and speaks for Christ without the compitance to do so and still doesn’t get the fact that a more compassionate Pope is in charge now than before. I’m not suggesting this pope is in favor of gay marriage, but what I am suggesting is that there is less flamboyant ways of saying things that one believes and can help stop alienating people by their 15th Century mindset language,. Aren’t we supposed to bring people together instead of setting up separate camps filled with hate and conflict? That’s the type of bishops we need to have today, not men sadly entrenched in the past?

    • Blake

      I think the Bishop is wanting to send the message that gay marriage is not okay. The Church has been very clear on this, and allowing a gay marriage prayer service in a Catholic church would only muddy the waters. I also think the Bishop shows plenty of “competence”.

    • jimbob

      Amen Robert. It is blasphemous to hate in the name of the Lord

    • Catharine

      Marriage as originally constituted by Almight God is one man, one woman, with a lifelong commitment as to duration, fidelity and monogamy. The Catholic Church has no competence or authority whatsoever to change this. It is not an act of Christian charity to confirm someone in their midunderstanding as to this point; nor it Bishop Paprocki being less than charitable by affirming the constant teaching of the Catholic Church for lo, these 2,000 years. If you believe eternal truth morphs into something else, you have gone off the rails somewhere along the way–not the Catholic Church, not Almighty God, and not Bishop Paprocki.

      • joey

        Catherine, regardless of the meaning of marriage, the Church should express more care for LGBT people. That is what Robert is saying. There are very few instances in which hierarchy of the Church express this. They are so focused on controlling the marriage issue that they fail to see the harm they do to others.

  • Slats

    Wow, as I write this, 37 comments, and all PRO-Bishop Paprocki. How refreshing to see a copious comment thread on Catholic Vote that has yet to be trolled by anyone trumpeting good as evil or evil as good (although I’m sure it’s coming)! Kudos and blessings to Bp. Paprocki and all those praying for him.

    • joey

      interesting to see that none of those 37 comments actually mention compassion to LGBT people that the Church professes.

      • Slats

        Not all persons with same-gender attraction pray for and militate for same-gender marriage. Having an attraction and supporting an agenda are two different things. The Church has a right to speak the truth in defense against those who oppose her.

  • http://4BOBIy3u seymoure

    ……………….When any Bishop takes a stance LESS THAN what Bishop
    Paprocki has taken, that my
    friends is Blasphemous. And,
    all Priests are Included !!!



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