Bishops Launch Immigration Reform Campaign

Remember the USCCB’s anti-FOCA postcard campaign last year? Well get ready to send out another set of postcards this year! Apparently, the incredible success of the anti-FOCA campaign (Senate aides told me they were entering the postcards in their database for 3 months) has encouraged the Bishops to launch a similar campaign in support of immigration reform.

Coinciding with National Migration Week, Bishop John Wester, the high-hats lead on immigration issues has announced the following:

  • The launch of a nationwide postcard campaign under the Justice for Immigrants campaign, with 1.5 million postcards already ordered;
  • The launch of  two Web sites, a new Justice for Immigrants Web site with tools for parishes (, and the National Migration Week Web site, which provides other resources (; and
  • A nationwide action alert asking for Congress to enact immigration reform as soon as possible.

Click here to read the rest of the USCCB’s release.



  • Ralph

    We already annually allow more than a million people to enter the U.S. legally. How many more should we let in? Should we keep raising the quotas until there is no reason for everyone who wants to come here can? Immigration quotas are based on the ability of our society to absorb immigrants without undue strain on that society. Right now we have 15 million Americans and legal immigrants out of work and 8 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. working. AND we continue to issue 125,000 new work permits to foreigners each year. We can not tolerate illegal immigration and we should base legal immigration on the needs of our country.

  • Ralph

    Do we reallywant to reward illegal behavior? amnesties only encourage more illegal immigration. We should make E-Verify mandatory so that all people in theU.
    s. illegally will be forced to return to their home countries, whether from Ireland, Canada, Mexico or Zaire. WSe tried amnesty in 1986 and that was a sham. Enforcement promises were made and not kept. No amnesty! No way!

  • S L R

    If the Bishops support the types of immigration reform we have already seen proposed, they cannot count on my support or the support of many more who oppose (another failed) amnesty, benefits for illegal aliens, lackluster enforcement of work place laws, & virtually no action on identity theft by those using false, stolen, or forged Social Security numbers or other means of identity.
    It is not wrong or immoral to oppose amnesty. In fact, what we need is for Americans to stand up & demand our laws be adhered to. If you want to help illegal aliens return to their native countries, so be it. But you cannot responsibly expect Americans of any faith following to ignore the laws of the land, while we are also expected to pay our tax dollars to support such offenders. There are plenty of legal methods to enter America. Those crossing over simply want to avoid the legal entanglements. In short, they have no loyalty to this nation or its laws. If they will violate entry laws, they will (and do) violate numerous additional laws. Our ability to help those in need around the world is seriously undermined by those sneaking in & depleting our limited resources that are already under attack by politicians bent of spending away the futures of even our great, great, great, great, great grandchildren.
    This time, the law of the land should take precedence so we are able to do more in the long term for those in need. Shelling out our resources to the extent we go broke now, only denies the world community our long lasting ability to help others, for merely the limited & short term accommodation of those who sneaked in to take from us. If those sneaking in do not like where they are from, I suggest they go home & build mini-America’s where they too can have the terrific advantages America’s free market democracy provides for us. Despite all the political attacks on America’s moral character, millions still want to come to the only nation in the world where individual rights & efforts provide the opportunity for greatness. Note I said opportunity, because no one is promised that we will all have the same opportunity outcome. Equal outcome is communism, not democracy. Equal outcome means all respond by doing only what they must to get by, since all else the state is to provide. The state does not provide, it takes. The state in every case in history, always ends up destroying the people & what they had built, by taking from some to give to others based on an idealistic concept of equal outcomes. Opportunity requires effort, Illegal aliens make no effort to be Americans, they just want to take for themselves, by demanding we all provide for them. No responsible study shows illegal aliens contributing to the financial health of America, and they all show illegal aliens seriously contributing to crime rates. After all, they have already ignored the basic law of the land by illegally entering the country so why obey any other laws!!

  • Greta

    This will attract all the bishops and catholics who support abortion loving democrats. So they support murder of innocent children and breaking the laws of the USA on immigration. Wonderful organization that USCCB. And anyone that thinks they came out strong to fight for life on healthcare reform is smoking something. They do so little that might harm their abortion democrat party so many of them love that any action seems like a lot. If they really wanted to stop any abortion, you would have seen them hold a conference now in Washington, get all of the bishops and Cardinals there, and march in mass to the capital to demand the democrats stop this or face excommunication. On immigration, I have not issue with them pushing congress to change the immigration laws by increasing the numbers we allow in legally. I do not support them telling the US that violation of the law should be rewarded and encouraged. Let the politicians fight to make the case for allowing more people in from each of the various countries legally and safely and make our borders safe while punishing the lawbreakers.



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