Black Pastors: If Gay Marriage Wins, Martin Luther King Died in Vain



If President Obama was expecting full support from the black community for his relentless push for gay marriage, he just got a loud and clear response:

No way.

At a recent rally, a large group of black pastors voiced their strong opposition to gay marriage.

The rally was held against the backdrop of the current battle being fought in Michigan, where a state ban on gay marriage was overturned by Federal District Judge Bernard Friedman in March.

The ruling was immediately condemned by several black pastors, including Rev. Dr. Roland A. Caldwell:

“Judge Friedman has negated the vote of 2.7 million voters in the State of Michigan. Moreover, he has said to the almost 70 percent of Black citizens who voted in favor of marriage protection that our voting rights are no longer protected. Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and our forefathers apparently died in vain.”

Strong words.

The case is now on appeal to the Sixth Circuit, and 110 black pastors have entered the legal battle by filing an amicus curiae brief with the federal appeals court, in which they argue that Michigan’s ban on gay marriage should be reinstated.

The pastors also strongly condemn the lie that the gay marriage movement shares a common moral footing with the civil rights movement.

“The fact that American media or other factions erroneously characterize the traditional meaning of ‘marriage’ as being on par with the civil rights deprivations of Black Americans does not make it so.  Comparing the dilemmas of same-sex couples to the centuries of discrimination faced by Black Americans is a distortion of our country’s cultural and legal history.”

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