Boy, Obama did not want to be at that debate at all.

Bush 41 looking at his watch during the 1992 debate. Obama looking disengaged during the 1st debate of 2012.

It’s almost like Clint Eastwood was vindicated. “Empty chair! See what I mean?”

The constant “uh…um…” from Barack Obama must have been startling for Americans to see. Here’s this great orator and he’s struggling to put together his sentences. He was stuttering like George W. Bush. And Obama was always looking down or away, leaning backward — everything about his posture and body language made clear he didn’t want to be at the debate at all. Like George H. Bush in 1992.

At that 1992 debate, Bill Clinton was masterful and fully in his element, explaining exactly what went wrong and why the incumbent had to go. (As much as I don’t like Clinton, he won the debates hand down and Americans trusted him to lead our country.) It was clinched in the minds of Americans when George H. Bush famously looked down at his watch. Game over.

Last night, another incumbent looked tired and bored, unable to give a defense of his record over the last four years and unwilling to spell out what he would do over the next four years.

Obama was certainly missing something in this debate.

Hey, maybe George H. Bush should send Obama his watch…



  • Tish Morgna

    Did you know that a bishop was outside the debates processing Our Divine Lord around the whole affair? The devils were put to flight, their support was missed.

  • Gerard Neumann

    I am all in for Romney. Wish he would have brought up religious liberty when talking about o care.

  • Joanne S.

    After the 2008 election, Obama and the Dems basically told the GOP to take a walk. “We won and we have the numbers. We don’t need or want your input.” Obama had total control of the government, a Dem House and a Dem Senate. As Romney said in the debate, Obama squandered that control on Obamacare and to hell with the 23 million unemployed Americans. Obamacare passed with not a SINGLE Republican vote. The GOP was totally shut out.
    Even Bill Clinton learned he had to work with Congresss, and he turned his presidency around by doing so, but King Obama has too much of an ego to do that. He’d rather blame anyone but himself for his failures.
    I am very impressed with Romney because he was a Republican governor working with a legislature made up of 87% Democrats and was still able to get things done. How can Obama blame the GOP for his failures when he had total Dem control his first two years, and still has the Senate???
    Obama is not a leader. Even with Obamacare he let Pelosi and Reid do the heavy lifting while he spent all his time dividing the country and spreading hate and class warfare during 4 years of non-stop campaigning.

  • David Lubin

    Obama failed to reach across to the other side from the very beginning. Just like he’s done with Netanyahu. He not referred to as cold, arrogant and aloof for nothing.

  • Let Peeps Vote

    Every time that Obama has tried to reach across the table in the last four years, he’s been rejected by Republican leadership. The Republican leadership has said, in public, that their main objective was not to help America, but to insure Obama didn’t have a second term. They abandoned America for the last four years in order to wage a personal battle against Obama. I’m sure that weighs heavy on the President.

    But I think that you are underestimating Obama. I think he wanted Romney to talk, to dig his own hole. Romney’s statements were riddled with lies and misinformation. Really.

    • KT1

      Obamabot. Keep drinking the KoolAid.

    • ATT

      lol…and that’s why Obama was able to tell him that he was lying? Instead of what really happened – the other way around! Fun to watch Mr. O get his ass handed to him.

    • Curious

      Is that the latest spin the WH is handing out to you? They have got to get better than that. I was in the halls of Congress as a childhood cancer advocate (there on my own dime, NOT a lobbyist) during the years of the ObamaCare meetings and planning, which was MANY DAYS LONG. The Republicans were locked out of almost EVERY meeting. The only Congressmen and Senators that we were able to meet with were the Republicans because the Democrats locked us out and the Republicans. Nancy Pelosi locked out the Republican heads of committees. Their input was NOT WELCOMED at all. You need to quit with the LIES that you are fed by Obama and his cronies. It was Obama with lies and distortions throughout his term and last night. You, like Obama, can’t stand to be caught with the lies. Two of Obama’s latest and DANGEROUS lies are with Fast and Furious and the entire Middle East situation. The attack in Libya was a terrorist attack. He knew it BEFORE the attack and LIED ABOUT IT!! Grow up, educate yourself and think for yourself. Ignorance is NOT healthy, safe. or BLISS! God Bless

      • Let Peeps Vote

        Nope. My own thoughts. I watched the debate last night with my grandfather who has Alzheimer’s, but has been a lifelong Republican. He kept asking who the “A%$hat was on TV” I kept saying “that’s Obama”. Finally he said, “I know who Obama is, I mean that other guy”

        • Julie T.

          Troll, no matter what pseudonym you choose to employ today, you wore out your welcome here at Catholic Vote LONG ago. Please find another hobby.

        • Gerard Neumann

          what a damn liar you are. and if you support obama, you are damned as well.

    • Charlie Morris

      Except when he controlled all three branches of the government from 2008 – 2010. He had the chance to be bi-partisan and he blew it.

    • Soros Troll Alert

      Oh look, another Dem-O-Lib troll. Do they pump you guys out at a factory or something? I guess it’s easier than getting a real job, especially because that would mean the end of the welfare gravy train…

    • Susan Jungerheld Abel

      Listen, it would be great to reach across the table to Obama if he wasn’t entrenched on all of the non-negotiables: The MORAL issues of abortion any time for any reason, even murdering children born alive from botched abortion; the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman; the God given and constitutionally protected righ to religious freedom… These things he offers NO negotiation while he says he’s so open to ideas. The rest is a matter of prudential judgment and should be worked out “across the table.” But you don’t sit down to talk taxes while the most vulnerable, innocent are slaughtered and reassembled on a surgery tray. God help us.

    • Jj Hantsch

      Chief Of Staff Rahm Emanuel “‘We Have The Votes. F-’em’”

    • Soros Troll Alert

      Ban the Obamabot!

    • Gerard Neumann

      If anyone dug a hole last night and it’s the man who been digging the economy a hole for the last four years. Now he says he wants to dig us out. Well you don’t dig yourself out of a hole. If you keep digging it gets deeper.



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