Boy Without a Cerebellum Baffles Doctors

This story is so inspiring:

Photo: NBC

Heather and David Britton want everyone to understand a few things about their giggling, bespectacled 3-year-old son, Chase.

“He’s happy. We call him the Little Gremlin. He loves to play tricks on people. He loves to sing. His goal in life is to make people smile,” Heather Britton told AOL News.

“He’s got so much love around him. We’re an extremely happy family. His story is not tragic.”

But to an outsider, the Brittons’ story might seem heartbreaking.

[]… He has the MRI of a vegetable,’ one of the doctors said to us.”

Chase is not a vegetable, leaving doctors bewildered and experts rethinking what they thought they knew about the human brain.

The witness of the parents is also inspiring:

Her message, she said, is simple: “Don’t give up on your kids.”

“Don’t believe everything the doctors say. Don’t get me wrong. I love doctors. But they can be wrong. … Chase is extremely healthy. And he’s extremely smart — his motor skills just haven’t caught up,” she told AOL News.

“People could view this as a tragic story. But that depends on how you look at life. You can be angry or you can appreciate what you have been given,” she said.

“Chase was meant to be with us.”

Here is Chase in action:

God bless Chase, and God bless all parents who don’t give up on their kids!



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  • Panda Rosa

    Vegetable? Mama always says that vegetables are good for you; now here’s a boy above and beyond a mere vegetable, an inspiration for us all. He’s a miracle in the best sense, one most people still refuse to see. Vegetable? When he’s survived so well and so far?
    Somewhere I just know there’s a fresh bunch of cauliflower and radishes giggling at us stupid humans.

  • elizabeth

    Thank you so much for this. I love when you share these miracle stories. A woman I work with recently aborted her 5 month old unborn daughter bc testing came back suggesting Downs. It saddened me so deeply. I think we have to be more able to take those leaps of faith and give God a chance to work His miracles. Science is great but God is Sovreign! Thank you again Thomas for sharing this. God bless that child and his family!

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  • Stacy Trasancos

    Thank you! I love this and I have to share it. I just wrote yesterday about how we don’t everything about the brain or the heart. Bless that child and those parents. We have a 3 yo and a newborn (among many more) and this is so beautiful.



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