Bravo: Chicago Catholic Hospital offers to help women halt abortions

I am so pleased to see this initiative:

A Chicago medical center has become one of the nation’s first Roman Catholic hospitals to adopt a practice of halting second-trimester abortions for women who change their minds after the multiday medical procedure has begun.

The chance to stop a second-trimester abortion exists because it is a two- or three-day procedure. On the first day, doctors insert a dilator, often bundles of dried seaweed called laminaria, to soften a woman’s cervix. The woman returns a second day so doctors either can insert more laminaria or another dilator, or remove the fetus and complete the abortion.

If a woman changes her mind after the dilator has been inserted and seeks to reverse the process, doctors can remove the laminaria. Ideally, the cervix will close naturally so the pregnancy can continue. But that’s not always the case. [Chicago Tribune]

There are some important details included in the full article, but the basic point remains that one Catholic hospital in America is letting women know that they are *always* there for them to save their child if they have second-thoughts about having an abortion.

I hope other Catholic hospitals look into emulating this policy.



  • Linda

    Veronia, You misunderstood the article. They are UNDOING what the abortion center or nonCatholic hospital has initiated. It is a 2 day process. Please all of us pray for all the unborn.

  • edeldog

    It might help you to make accurate comments if YOU READ THE ARTICLES you choose to comment on. Headlines just don’t give all the information! Good luck on future comments!

  • Employee

    I work for Resurrection Health Care and am involved in this project. Let it be known that in no way does Resurrection Health Care perform abortions or sanction them in any way. To the contrary, Resurrection Health Care is deeply committed to respecting human life. The protocol assists women to stop the abortion process when a woman changes her mind after initiating the process at an abortion clinic.

  • Veronica

    It’s sad to have to remind you that “thou shalt not kill” means from conception. Science, as well as Faith, says “human life begins at conception”.

    To see that a Catholic hospital does first trimester abortions is scandalous — not to mention murderous. Remember the argument that ‘just because things may be legal don’t make them moral, ethical or according to the Magisterium — which I thought you were to support.

    The fact that you’ve tried to do an old-fashioned con-job by trying to pitch it to the p-c crowd, is just insulting!!

    When you stop abortions for all 9 months, that’ll will be noteworthy. What else would one expect from a servant of Christ?

    • Rachel

      Veronica, I didn’t see anything about this hospital doing abortions at all. They are trying to STOP abortions, not do them. Could you show me where you found that this hospital is doing abortions? Perhaps you were thinking of another Phoenix-area Catholic hospital that got in trouble for performing an abortion on a woman? Those are two different hospitals.

    • Anne

      The abortion very likely was ‘started’ at another facility, not the Catholic hospital. Second-trimester abortions can be halted because they are a two or three day procedure. (Unlike a first-trimester abortion)



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