Controversial Notre Dame Board of Trustees Member Resigns

Local Chicago WGN reports:

A Chicago business executive resigned today from the University of Notre Dame’s board of trustees, after conservative Catholic columnists reported that she donated thousands of dollars to an organization that supported pro-choice politicians.

Roxanne Martino, president and chief executive officer of Aurora Investment Management, a Chicago firm that manages more than $8 billion in hedge funds, said she decided to step down in the best interest of the university.

“I dearly love my alma mater and remain fully committed to all aspects of Catholic teaching and to the mission of Notre Dame,” she said in a statement. “I had looked forward to contributing in this new role, but the current controversy just doesn’t allow me to be effective.”

Bill McGurn, a famous Notre Dame alumnus, wrote about the controversy for the NCRegister recently: “Notre Dame and Emily’s List.”

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  • enness

    Ma’am, I daresay it’s not the “controversy” that renders you ineffective.

    I’m glad she’s making the right move at least at the surface level, but when people make comments like that, it becomes clear they haven’t learned anything.



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