Every Single Bishop Has Condemned the Obama/HHS Mandate! (181)

From Portland, Maine to San Diego, California–

From Miami, Florida to Seattle, Washington–

Every single Roman Catholic bishop in the United States has condemned in public the Obamacare HHS mandateall 181 bishops who lead dioceses in the U.S. have spoken.

This is a simply incredible, unified, universal Catholic witness on this critical issue of religious freedom.

(To those wondering about my methodology, it is now negative instead of positive — I am no longer able to find a single Roman Catholic bishop who has NOT spoken out against the mandate publicly. It is also my presumption that this conclusion applies to all Eastern Rite and Sui Iuris bishops in the U.S.).

Meanwhile, my list of Catholic institutions that have spoken out against the mandate is now at 30 (and continues to grow). The list also includes 10 non-Catholic groups who have condemned the mandate.

Thank you to everyone who made building this list possible. It’s a complimentary sign of Catholic solidarity that so many Catholics across the country proudly helped me add their bishop’s name to this list!





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