Flawed Civil Unions Bill Forces Catholic Charities of Rockford, IL Out of Adoption, Foster Care

Breaking – and disturbing – news out of one diocese in Illinois, where starting June 1st, the new civil unions bill threatens to make Catholic (and other religious) adoption and foster care agencies guilty of “discrimination” if they refuse to place kids with same-sex couples:

The Diocese of Rockford has announced that its Catholic Charities offices will no longer offer state-funded adoptions and foster-care services when the new Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Unions Act takes effect June 1.

Because the law did not include an exemption allowing religious organizations to refer adoptions or foster-care arrangements involving same-sex or unmarried cohabitating couples to other agencies, “the Diocese of Rockford is forced to permanently discontinue all state-funded adoption and foster-care operations as of June 1,” said Penny Wiegert, diocesan director of communications, at a May 26 news conference.

During the debate over the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Unions Act, the Catholic Conference of Illinois said the state’s six Catholic dioceses provide about 20 percent of the adoption and foster-care services in Illinois and had facilitated the placement of about 3,700 abused and neglected children with loving families over the past 10 years.

n Rockford, the shutdown will involve job loss for 58 Catholic Charities workers who were notified that morning. Catholic Charities in the Rockford Diocese had been handling approximately 350 foster family and adoption cases in northern Illinois with a state budget of $7.5 million. [CNS]

More info from the Diocese of Rockford website.

Once again, religious liberty is threatened by the intrusion of government into defining what the family is/should be. The Catholic bishops of Illinois actively opposed the civil unions bill which was rushed through the state legislature, because (among other reasons) almost no attention was paid to the serious religious liberty problems it contained.



  • PW1

    I know that my comment is going to be “disliked” but it’s the truth. The government has NO OBLIGATION to support the work of Catholic Charities. Similarly the government has NO OBLIGATION to support Planned Parenthood. I love hypocritical conservatives.

  • mykidscatholicmom

    Legislative proposal could close all Catholic adoption agencies; Flawed Civil Unions Bill forces Catholic Charities out of Rockford Il joining DC, San Francisco, and MA. Gay student crowned Prom Queen…. Remember when Gay didn’t mean transgender? and now we have Baby Storm choosing his/her sex not biology. Add to it Obama’s Proclamation that June is now Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Pride Month… and “they” laugh when people say MBLA has an agenda! Make no mistake Civil Unions and Gay marriage are NOT about 2 people who want to be bound by contract law. It is about freedom FROM religion and the obliteration of gender…. Watch for political pressure to force the APA to remove Gender Identity Disorder as a DSM classified mental illness.


    Dear Davide ~ Yes, the US Constitution was partially flawed in it’s conception, defining African-Americans as “partial persons” and the confusing language of the Second Amendment are two examples, and it has been sometimes wrongfully interpeted by the judiciary, Dread Scott for instance. However, over the course of time, the genius of the document has been that, in the long run errors are corrected and justice has prevailed.
    The Church teaches that unjust discrimination against homosexuals is wrong (CCC 2358), however, when and if legislation and court decisions to protect them from such discrimination violates the First Amendment rights of religious bodies, we need to demand correction. All this would be a lot easier and gentler if the heat were turned down on the gay marriage debat ……on both sides.~~ Pax tucem ~ Greg

  • Bruce

    Since liberals love to play the “rights” game, I’ll join in. Children have a right to a mother and a father, and adoptions which place children into homes without a mother or without a father are doing violence to those children and violating their rights. No man can be a mother. No woman can be a father. Children need and have a right to both. Homosexual activists are infringing upon the rights of children for their own interest. What a surprise. It is also an incredible insult to mothers to suggest that two disordered men are no different than they. Likewise, it is also an incredible insult to fathers to suggest that two disordered women are no different than they. If God and nature intended two, four, or six persons of the same sex to have children, it would take place that way. This is just simple reason, but unfortunately for homosexual activists, there are mountains of evidence to suggest that children need a father and a mother. Not one. Not none. BOTH.

  • Frank

    @Mike and especially CathlicMom,

    I understand that you think that placing children with homosexual or otherwise unmarried couples is better than keeping them in their current living situation. However, why should Catholic and other Christian agencies be forced to make that placement? No one is preventing non-Christian agencies from placing children with homosexual couples. Let the non-Christian agencies place children with homosexual couples and let the Christian agencies place children with whom they think will provide the best care (i.e. married couples).

  • Pedro Menezes

    Wow, that’s disturbing. Meanwhile, Brazilian Supreme Court already defined what is family, since it declared that the constitutional phrase that reads “union between man and woman” should be understood as “union between two people”, even if the literal text (redundance intended) says otherwise.

    But how do the state-funded adoption services work? A private-sponsored adoption institution, if any, can define its own adoption policy regardless the “legal” one?

    Thanks for the post.




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