BREAKING NEWS: Senate OKs resolution to allow priests back on military bases


On Monday, and again on Thursday, CatholicVote blasted messages to our members, asking them to call their two Senators to pass a resolution so that Catholic priests could say Mass on military installations.

They finally got the message.

From the AP:


Military chaplains will be able to offer worship services to members of the armed forces and their families despite the partial government shutdown under a bill moving through Congress.

The Senate backed a version of the measure late Thursday, expressing the sense of Congress that chaplains shouldn’t be blocked from ministering to members of the military as the shutdown entered its 11th day on Friday.

Lawmakers were concerned that the shutdown could disrupt religious services.

So you might be wondering: How did my Senators vote?

It passed by a voice vote. That’s right. There was no opposition to it. It passed unanimously.

It only makes you wonder what took them so long. After all, the House passed this resolution last Saturday. The Senate could have held their voice vote last Saturday, too, and we wouldn’t have had this problem last weekend.

Nonetheless, I’m grateful to Steve Skojec for his writing on this issue, and to all CV members who called their Senators.

And I’m glad that the House and Senate came together and got this resolution passed.

Deo Gratias!

UPDATE: Since the Senate resolution slightly amended the House version, the House will have to pass the amended resolution. But that should not pose a problem.

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