Breaking: +Olmsted ultimatum to CHW extended until next Tuesday

A communique from the Diocese of Phoenix:

The Diocese of Phoenix has been in continuing conversation with Catholic Healthcare West about their Catholic identity and adherence to the teachings of the Church regarding their facilities within the Diocese of Phoenix. Late on Thursday, Dec. 16, Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted was in receipt of further communication from Catholic Healthcare West officials.

Given the ongoing communication and attempts to rectify the situation, Bishop Olmsted is extending his deadline until Tuesday, Dec. 21.

UPDATE – On a related note, it appears that CHW is getting very poor canonical advice. My father, canon lawyer Ed Peters, comments:

Lisa Fullam has offered authorities at Catholic Healthcare West / St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix similarly myopic, even dangerous, advice when she suggested that, because the word “Catholic” is not copyright-able, the enterprise should continue to call itself “Catholic” despite Bp. Thomas Olmsted’s threatened prohibition of such use, and simply “let the canonical chips fall where they may.” Apparently Fullam believes that, since men with badges will never show up to enforce a cease-and-desist order (that will never be issued) by a civil court regarding the word “Catholic”, Catholic hospital officials need not worry about bishops tossing a few “canonical chips” their way.

I strongly suggest that St. Joseph’s seek advice from another expert. [Continue Reading “Lisa Fullam’s dangerous advice should be ignored“]

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57 thoughts on “Breaking: +Olmsted ultimatum to CHW extended until next Tuesday

  1. Francis says:

    Looks like they were unable to reach an agreement. I would say the bishop’s efforts at enforcing his power were unsuccessful.

    1. Bruce says:

      Thank you for posting the truth from the Bishop. It is the first time you provided any truth in this argument thus far. God Bless!

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