BREAKING: Smithsonian Shows Depiction of Mohammed Being Eaten By Ants. “Muslim World” Erupts.

Now that I’ve got your attention, can. you. imagine. the reaction if that headline were accurate? Nuns running AIDS hospices in Africa would become targets. Fatwas and strongly worded condemnations would stream from every corner. Hearings would be had. Greta would be on the tube 24/7 trying to get to the bottom of it. Mr. Smithson would be Olbermann’s Worst Person Ever, posthumously.

The Hagia Sophia

The greatest Church in Christendom, built by Emperor Justinian on the site of the original Hagia Sophia built by Constantine, now cornered by minarets since it was turned into a mosque: the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul (Constantinople).

Of course, that didn’t happen. The Smithsonian never even considered allowing such a provocative image to be displayed. It would be wrong, and worse: dangerous.

But they did allow a video that shows the body of Jesus Christ hanging on a cross being eaten by ants.

It’s been removed, rightly, because of an uproar; no word yet about the “Christian World” erupting and killing Muslim missionary nuns or burning cars in the Vatican or tracking down the “artist” and slaughtering him like an animal.

What we do have instead is a woman on trial in Vienna for teaching a seminar class about Islam in which she shares what she learned from a life lived largely in Islamic countries and her own careful study of the original Islamic texts.

We also have a federal judge telling the 70% of Oklahomans who voted for an amendment to their state constitution that, contra their stated will, it is permissible for a state judge to consider shariah law when ruling on cases. (For those who don’t know, shariah law isn’t a personal moral code; it is a code of civil law based entirely upon and intrinsically connected to Islamic religious tenets and the will of Allah–i.e., it isn’t civil law in any secular sense, it is theocracy, it cannot be separated from such.)

I’ll bet the ants-on-Jesus artist was only disappointed that the crucifix-in-jar-of-urine was already done; the anatomically correct, 100% pure solid chocolate, life-sized crucifix was already made; and the naked-lady-as-Christ was already tried. (No, I’m not going to link to them. Bing them if you’re so inclined.) So hard to be original in your sacrilege these days!

But hey, if you’re going to denigrate someone’s central religious figure, at least make sure it’s the group who won’t force you to go into hiding out of fear for your life.



  • priest’s wife

    Thanks catholicvote for bringing attention to this- so sad…Jesus continues to be mocked

    • Pamela

      This statement coming from someone calling themselves ‘priest’s wife’. Funny

      • Bruce

        There are plenty of married priests. Father Dwight Longenecker comes to mind. It is not the norm, nor will it ever be, but it still exists nonetheless.

      • Scott W.

        You do realize that the celibacy rule for priests is not absolute and that there are in fact a small number of married priests in the Roman rite, yes? Fr. Dwight Logenecker for example.

  • Scott W.

    Where is Crossan protesting, “His body wasn’t eaten by ants, it was eaten by wild dogs!”?

  • Don L

    I’ve walked in St Sophia in Istambul over fifty years ago and I now believe we are heading toward a period of many more half-filled cathedrals slipping into mosquedom – unless God intervenes soon. The best way for that to happen is that they become filled with people whose eyes are on the cross and prayers are on their lips.

    • Bruce

      If one believes that God is indeed the Author of history, then there is no reason to worry if our numbers are reduced to merely twelve, once again. He has given us the task of making disciples of the whole world, and granted we cannot do so alone, it is still our responsibility. So if parishes are half-empty, perhaps we need to ask what we are doing about it.



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