Update #3: Abp. Chaput to Philly (Looking More Like It)

UPDATE 3: I surmise on what it means if it indeed turns out (as it is looking more likely it will) that Abp. Chaput is headed to Philadelphia.

UPDATE 2: Rocco Palmo joins the chorus of steady voices saying it’s going to be +Chaput for Philly. If so, that would be incredible. But until we hear officially, rumors are just rumors.

UPDATE: A local reporter for the Philly Inquirer adds his voice to those saying Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver is headed to Philly.

NewAdvent says a reshuffle is impending. This could be big news:

Pope Benedict XVI will accept Cardinal Justin Rigali’s resignation this week, the Daily News has learned.

Sources told the Daily News yesterday that the front-runner to replace the embattled cardinal is Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver, a Native American.

… With public pressure mounting, Catholic commentators say that a spotlight is shining on Philadelphia.

“This is the most high-stakes personnel move Pope Benedict is making as pope,” said Rocco Palmo, of Philadelphia, author of the Catholic-oriented blog Whispers in the Loggia. “Every bishop in the country is watching. They know it will reflect on them and their archdiocese. The eyes of the Catholic world are on Philly right now.”

Palmo said the pope decided two weeks ago who would become the city’s next cardinal. – Philadelphia Inquirer

I haven’t heard anything personally about +Chaput being chosen for Philadelphia. We need to keep the appointee –whoever he is– in our prayers. Philadelphia is a very troubled archdiocese these days and whoever is chosen to succeed +Rigali will have his work cut out for him.

When I hear something, I’ll let you know. Meanwhile, what are you hearing?



  • Catriona

    I was received into the Church in the Archdiocese of Denver the month before +Chaput was installed (which unfortunately meant we did not get our Mystagogia Mass, because +Stafford was gone and Chaput had not been installed yet). I can tell you he did wonders.

    It’s a big archdiocese territorially, so I certainly don’t know everything that was waiting to be attended to; however, I can give a small example. One of the parishes close enough for me to almost fall within its boundaries had been experimenting with unapproved practices and outright liturgical abuses. Parishioners had protested to no avail. +Chaput quietly informed them that their new church building WOULD include kneelers in the pews and WOULD have the tabernacle located in a fairly prominent place. Subsequently, he sent an experienced older priest there just for a few months, long enough to quietly discontinue practices such as the use of crystal chalices to hold the Most Precious Blood after consecration. When those things had been remedied, he moved the older chap and sent in a couple of enthusiastic younger priests to build on what had been begun. That parish is now continuing to do well and attendance has increased.

  • Deacon Tom

    I was ordained by AB Chaput, and if we ever needed to start a draft movement to prepare for the next Pope, I would recommend the Good Shepherd Charles. Is there ever a diocese which has been so turned around and turned on as Denver? Wouldn’t the Holy Father want to leave a settled and working diocese in place? I wonder. Blessings. God bless AB Chaput

    • Nathan

      Deacon, could you shed more light on the way things were in March 1997? I know I’ve once read Rocco say that +Chaput completely reinvigorated Denver. Did Stafford leave it in bad shape?

  • theo

    National Catholic Reporter confirms: Chaput will be installed in Philly on Sept. 8:



  • LiberalCatholic

    He’s all yours, Philly. Enjoy.

    • Slats

      Oh, trust me, the folks who believe in the deposit of the faith there will indeed enjoy him.

      I hope y’all in Denver get a nice Lincoln Diocese priest to be your next ordinary. That should continue Chaput’s good work quite satisfactorily. 😉



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