Brownback and Dodd square-off at Boston College

Dom had the drop on this and the Associated Press has some tepid coverage. Of course, the story here is that Dodd (left) and Brownback (right) are both Catholics, with Brownback being orthodox and practicing while Dodd is marginal at best.

The AP tossed out a red herring about the fact that both men “used modest tones to suggest that Democrats and Republicans could bridge such gaps with more tolerance for their opponents’ positions.”

Okay, that’s nice. I’m pleased to hear that they engaged in a charitable debate. But what actually happened?

The debate was broadcast live here and will be rebroadcast on C-Span. This post over at has alot of good material related to these issues, and I would recommend perusing it. The Boston Globe published a story yesterday setting out a bit more of the debate’s backdrop, in the BG’s typically heavy-handed manner.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for the C-Span link. I will be too, but it pays to delegate sometimes.

[photo: AP Photo/Steven Senne]





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