Bullying the Bishop

In Iowa, Bishop Martin Amos of the Davenport diocese is being criticized and pressured because he refuses to allow a representative of an organization that favors changing the definition of marriage to give a presentation at a Catholic high school’s graduation.

The organization that contradicts Church teaching by supporting the redefinition of marriage, the Eychaner Foundation, is complaining about being prohibited from presenting at the graduation a scholarship that it is giving to one of the students for the student’s “work reducing homophobia.”

Bishop Amos is allowing the student’s scholarship to be announced at graduation–just not by an Eychaner rep. The reason is that the diocese has a policy against allowing “any organization which promotes a position that is contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church to present at a diocesan institution.”

The diocese has applied its policy consistently. In fact, Eychaner admits that it has given Catholic students its scholarship for years and has never been allowed to present the scholarship at a diocesan school graduation.

Here once again is the irony in the battle over marriage. The Eychaner Foundation and its allies claim to oppose bullying, but they are bullying a Catholic diocese for not letting them stand up in the diocese’s own podium.

This is why North Carolina’s victory for marriage yesterday is so important. If the definition of marriage is changed, all Christians who believe marriage is one man–one woman will suffer discrimination and bullying because they will be defined as bigots.

Opponents of man-woman marriage don’t want “equality,” they insist on forcing everyone else to cooperate in spreading their message, or else be subject to ridicule and worse.

UPDATE: for those interested, as usual there are many more stories, reactions and statements in Google’s news dragnet.



  • rover

    Sorry, already viewed as a bigot. I must resign from the church. The only discriminatory group I belong to.

  • Matt

    Looks like Bishop Amos needs to clean house at that school pretty thoroughly…while a homosexual student should be treated with charity and respect, he/she shouldn’t be encouraged. I believe my brother’s school (a Xaverian Brothers-affiliated HS) actively works to support students with SSA, to help them w/ chastity.

  • Antonio A. Badilla

    Good for the bishop! He should stand firm and let all hell break loose with the bullying crowd. Some day he will be respected for what he is doing today!

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  • Damian

    Thank you Bishop for being true to the Gospel, to your holy office of bishop. Praying for you and the rest of the Church from AZ.

  • mcm

    Matt, could you please provide some evidence that the Eychaner Foundation “favors changing the definition of marriage.”?

    I scoured their web-site and could not find anything to support your charge. Perhaps I missed something.

    • Matt Bowman

      Yes: according to the Bishop himself on the Davenport diocese’s website, the Foundation director himself said this to the diocesan newspaper. Also, if you search the foundation’s website for the word “marriage,” you find at least four pages where they praise the promotion of changing the definition of marriage.



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