“But I’m the Pope. Sit down.”

An Italian soccer news site has a sweet story about Pope Francis who apparently gets up very early without an alarm.

Future Swiss Guard, currently eats bread and jam.

Future Swiss Guard, currently eats bread and jam.

Loose translation of the story:

Recently, when he left his apartment at Domus Marta and went out into the hall, the Pope found a Swiss Guard standing at attention outside his door.

He asked him, “And what are you doing here? Were you awake all night?

“Yes,” the guard answered respectfully.


“One of my colleagues gave me a break.”

“And you’re not tired?”

“It’s my duty Your Holiness, for Your safety.”

The Pope looked at him with kindness. He went back into his apartment and, after a few minutes, returned with a chair in his hand: “At least sit down and rest.”

Shocked, the Swiss Guard replied, “Forgive me, but I can’t! The rules don’t allow it.”

“The rules?”

“My captain, Your Holiness.”

“Oh, is that so? Well, I’m the Pope and I am asking you to sit down.”

So, between the rules and the Pope, the Swiss Guard, complete with his halberd, chose the chair. And then the Pope brought him some bread and jam for a snack, saying, “Buon appetito, brother.”

Happy Saturday!



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25 thoughts on ““But I’m the Pope. Sit down.”

  1. PSEUDOMODO says:

    He’s the Pope and he can do whatever he wants to do…

    I’m certain Rodrigo Borgia would agree wholeheartedly!

    1. Antonio A. Badilla says:

      But your comparison between Rodrigo Borgia and this Pope is unjust, to say the least!

      1. Panda Rosa says:

        Let’s just say that Rodrigo also enjoyed making people happy.

  2. balana says:

    Nice story, but I wonder how much of this is true and how much is just propaganda to create a positive image of the pope. I will wait until the Vatican News makes a comment about it. I hope its true.

  3. Mavis Hucker says:

    I used to know an old lady … a wonderful old lady … who’s favorite (or so it seemed to me) saying when someone younger tried to tell her how she should do something, would always say … “I will NOT be managed!” Always made me chuckle … Seems like we now have a Pope who also … “will not be managed” … and I don’t know about you, but I love it … and it makes me chuckle!

  4. Elaine Bennis says:

    George Costanza did the same thing on Seinfeld; the security guard fell asleep and ended up losing his job.

  5. Tricia Henry says:

    Exactly like St. Francis of Assisi. We are so grateful to have him.

  6. Concern for others! God bless you papa

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