“But I’m the Pope. Sit down.”

An Italian soccer news site has a sweet story about Pope Francis who apparently gets up very early without an alarm.

Future Swiss Guard, currently eats bread and jam.

Future Swiss Guard, currently eats bread and jam.

Loose translation of the story:

Recently, when he left his apartment at Domus Marta and went out into the hall, the Pope found a Swiss Guard standing at attention outside his door.

He asked him, “And what are you doing here? Were you awake all night?

“Yes,” the guard answered respectfully.


“One of my colleagues gave me a break.”

“And you’re not tired?”

“It’s my duty Your Holiness, for Your safety.”

The Pope looked at him with kindness. He went back into his apartment and, after a few minutes, returned with a chair in his hand: “At least sit down and rest.”

Shocked, the Swiss Guard replied, “Forgive me, but I can’t! The rules don’t allow it.”

“The rules?”

“My captain, Your Holiness.”

“Oh, is that so? Well, I’m the Pope and I am asking you to sit down.”

So, between the rules and the Pope, the Swiss Guard, complete with his halberd, chose the chair. And then the Pope brought him some bread and jam for a snack, saying, “Buon appetito, brother.”

Happy Saturday!



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  • Fred Achoru

    What a great encounter with a very humane and caring Pope. May God grant His Holiness a long and remarkable reign.

  • Julie Miles

    we need to be like the Pope in his love for all – just like Jesus. Thank you Lord for giving Pope Francis to us.

  • Tree

    …..do on to others as you wish were done un to you.


  • stephen quinn

    just love your actions and realism.god bless you your holiness.

  • josephine Eckman

    So great to have a Pope who is of the people and like the people.

  • Anne

    I love him too!



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