CA Sen. Barbara Boxer Repeats Planned Parenthood Mammogram Falsehood

This week Live Action has been exposing the lie told by Planned Parenthood and Cecile Richards that they provide mammograms to women.

Senator Barbara Boxer (who has been pushing the abortion agenda in the U.S. Senate for 18 years and counting) has been repeating these false claims, according to the San Francisco Chronicle politics blog:

California U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer is lambasting what she calls a Republican “vendetta” against Planned Parenthood, saying that efforts in the House Republicans’ proposed budget to entirely defund the organization will impact millions.

In California alone, hundreds of thousands of women, the Democratic Senator said, use the organization’s “life-saving” services — including cancer screenings, mammograms, day-to-day health care, OB-GYN services as well as contraception and family planning.

Boxer made the statements this week at a San Francisco press conference…

A local San Francisco CBS affiliate adds more:

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer paid a visit to San Francisco on Wednesday, taking aim at the House Republicans proposed budget.

Standing at the Ferry Building next to a Marine Corps veteran, a Planned Parenthood patient, whose mammogram detected pre-cancerous cells, an asthma patient and a doctor of thoracic surgery from the University of California, Davis, Boxer described them as the faces of Californians who would be most affected by the Republican plan.

Live Action is calling on Senator Boxer to retract her false claims about Planned Parenthood saving lives through the mammograms they don’t provide to women.

Senator Boxer comes to Planned Parenthood’s defense in the wake of a huge child sex trafficking scandal as well as their multi-million dollar PR campaign to preserve their $350,000,000 in federal taxpayer funding. Senator Boxer’s top all-time campaign contributor is the pro-abortion group EMILY’s List and Planned Parenthood regularly donates to and supports her reelection campaigns. In fact, last year Boxer was Planned Parenthood’s “million dollar baby.”

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  • cosmic93

    I can prove they provide the screenings: I took a family member there and the full screening was done on site.

    Stop spreading lies. If you’re against PP, that’s your right. But at least be truthful about it.

    In fact, Komen has allowed some local PP affiliates to keep their grant because they’re the ONLY local providers of breast cancer screening services. If your claims were true, that wouldn’t be happening.

  • Brian English

    Mike Pence provides some numbers on Planned Parenthood’s services:

    Planned Parenthood clinics focus mainly on abortion — and because money is fungible, there is no way to fund the useful services without freeing up money for the organization to spend on abortion. In 2009, the group made only 977 adoption referrals and cared for only 7,021 prenatal clients, but performed a record 332,278 abortions. In other words, a pregnant woman entering a Planned Parenthood clinic was 42 times more likely to have an abortion than to either receive prenatal care or be referred for adoption. Planned Parenthood recently made plain the centrality of abortion to its mission by mandating that every one of its affiliates have at least one clinic that performs abortions within the next two years.

  • Athanasios Paul Thompson

    Fr. Athanasios Paul Thompson says “she needs her ears boxed” and her lies challenged nearly everytime her mouth is opened. This is one of many examples. Babies in the womb do not become polywogs harmlessly disposed of … because Planned Parenthood deems it so. Neither can distortions about the real purpose behind abortion mills transform them into diagnostic centers for women who may be threatened by the malady of breast cancer.

    A perverse perspective might suggest that if we terminate enough female persons in their preborn development then we can cut down on the possibility of increased cancer in women, at least in those who are murdered while babies. Kyrie Eliason!

  • greg mith

    Dear Thom ~ Unlike her undercover”}Pimp and Ho” operations Lila Rose’s pretext calls about mammograms arn’t the best case makers. THe sample is too small. SOME PP clinics surely do mammograms and the woman who appeared with Senator Boxer probebaly got hers at one of them which saved her life. However, unless the stats you’ve presented on this site over the last few weeks are “cooked” it looks like 95% plus of PP’s services are abortions. That to me is the case when it comes to federal funding. ~~ Best regards,
    Greg Smith

    • Thomas Peters

      Greg – Planned Parenthood does not perform mammograms. They’ve not been able to prove otherwise, nor have they attempted to. It’s just a false statement that they do.

    • MikeM

      You’re right that the video might not prove it, but PP does not provide mammograms. In response to LiveAction and others who have pointed out their false claims, they’ve simply said that they “never claimed to provide mammograms,” despite the fact that that’s plainly what Ms. Richards led people to believe.

      On the stats, 98% of the services they provide *pregnant* women are abortions. They claim that it’s only 2% of their services when you look at all of their clients… but take that with a grain of salt, because they count it as a service if they give out a free condom. If you look at it from a financial standpoint, a much larger percentage of their billings are for abortions, from a time standpoint, a larger percentage of the time their employees are working is dedicated to abortion…

  • Bruce

    Shouldn’t we first ask Barbara to take junior high biology and retract what was, without a doubt, the dumbest statement of all time? Said the senator: “I think when you bring your baby home…the baby belongs to your family and has all the rights” In other words, you did not become a human person until somebody gave you a ride home. Before that, you were something else, which Boxer does not divulge.

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