Cardinal Arinze on the Pope’s Resignation

Here is a nice video of Cardinal Arinze talking about the Pope’s resignation.  He describes the reaction of the cardinals to the announcement and reflects on the meaning of the event for the life of the Church.  He also speaks about how the Pope’s decision gives us an opportunity to grow more mature in the faith.

Here are some good extracts:

  • “We love you, Holy Father.  We are near you.  We know you have done this because of your love for the Church.”
  • “I haven’t any doubt about his wisdom.  I have known him [too many] years to have any doubt at all.”
  • “He doesn’t rush.  He isn’t rash.  He is gentle, but he is clear-headed and firm.”
  • “He is not there for himself, or self glory, so his act yesterday was like saying: ‘I am a servant.'”
  • “The Holy Spirit does not go on holiday.”


  • abadilla

    It’s “literally” impossible to see the video and not agree with Cardinal Arinze’s assessment of Pope Benedict’s renouncing the Chair of Peter.

  • Greg Smith

    Hi Carson ~ Great video! Thanks so much for posting this. I really like him! ~ Pax, Greg



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