+Burke on the Cardinal he hopes to be

Marching orders from a general in God’s army:

What kind of cardinal do you hope to be or will strive to be?

Simply one who is 100% with the Holy Father, using whatever gifts God has given me to help the Holy Father, to give him any counsel he asks me. Also in daily activities, simply to be supporting and promoting what he as the bishop of the universal Church wishes and desires. I would hope to keep that focus always before me. That’s what being a cardinal is all about. [NCRegister]

In Cardinal Burke’s homily at his Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving, he said:

The Cardinal has a particular bond with the virgin martyrs. They are a sterling example to him of how he is to love Christ and the Church, while, at the same time, they intercede powerfully for him, so that he may be a sign to the faithful of our Lord’s ceaseless and immeasurable love,”to the end,” to the very outpouring of His life for us, on Calvary, His Sacrifice made ever present for us in the Holy Eucharist.

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  • Scott W.

    Burke also recently stated that the Pope’s condom remarks constitute no change in teaching. I’m surprised few people have picked up on that.

  • JimR

    What a wonderful man.

  • Bruce

    God Bless Cardinal Burke!



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