Cardinal Burke’s Election Year Prayer

Click here to download Cardinal Burke’s Election Year Prayer Card PDF.

40 days.

That’s all the time we have left to have an impact on the most important election of our lifetime. So much is at stake.

In times like this, we are reminded of the words of St. Ignatius: “Work as if everything depends on you; Pray as if everything depends on God.”

So we asked Cardinal Raymond Burke to write a prayer for the faithful witness of Catholics in America this election. And happily, he obliged.

Download the prayer card now.

We are humbly imploring you to join us for the next 40 days to pray, fast & work like you never have before.

The CatholicVote Education Fund is our non-partisan educational arm. Its mission is simple: Educate Catholics on our Church’s social teaching and get them registered to vote.

Chip in to help us get this prayer card distributed to parishes across the country.

Don’t forget that you can always point Catholics to our website at where we have links to help you:

1. Register to Vote

2. Find out if your friends are Registered

3. Request an Absentee Ballot

4. Vote Early (if your state allows)

With less than 40 days until Election Day, let’s get to work and let’s pray!



  • ‘Sconsin Patriot

    If you want to know exactly what this administration has in store for America, read “They Fired the First Shot” by a friend of Mejugorie. It’s scary and a real eye opener. You can get it at or on Amazon.
    The book also tells Catholics/Christians how to deal with our situation besides repentance, prayer, and fasting. Also…type in your browser “The Constitution in 2020′ .
    ( I read about this in the book and knew nothing of it before, all I knew is that our freedoms are being eroded)
    It’s all there plain as day. It will scare the wits out of you. . Here’s an article concerning The Constitution 2020…
    This has been going on for years, Obama and his administration have accelerated it.
    Please vote Romney/Ryan while we still have our religious freedom. We’ve had our heads in the sand far too long.
    Holy Mary please take our prayers to your Son.

  • Anthony Vu

    Sure, Obama is an anti-America bastard. Son of Satan!

  • Anthony Vu

    Sure! Obama is an anti-America bastard. Son of Satan!



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