Cardinal Dolan to President Obama: We Will Continue to Defend Life, Marriage, and Religious Freedom

Here is the full text of Cardinal Dolan’s letter of congratulations to President Obama:

Dear President Obama,

In my capacity as President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, I write to express my congratulations on your re-election as President of the United States.The people of our country have again entrusted you with a great responsibility.The Catholic Bishops of the United States offer our prayers that God will give you strength and wisdom to meet the difficult challenges that face America.

In particular, we pray that you will exercise your office to pursue the common good, especially in care of the most vulnerable among us, including the unborn, the poor, and the immigrant.We will continue to stand in defense of life, marriage, and our first, most cherished liberty, religious freedom.We pray, too, that you will help restore a sense of civility to the public order, so our public conversations may be imbued with respect and charity toward everyone.

May God bless you and Vice President Biden as you prepare for your second term in service to our country and its citizens.

Sincerely yours,

Timothy Cardinal Dolan
Archbishop of New York
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops



  • Dandee

    Just wondering, why are there so many trolls in here condemning a nice letter. So much unhappiness by the left after they got all they voted for. Makes no sense.

    • Greg B.

      Because the “nice letter” is dripping with thinly veiled bigotry.

  • Dandee

    From all the comments on all the various websites, one theme comes to mind. More division. The left is becoming bolder now wanting everyone to accept gay marriage and feeling entitled to more money. It is their new stated goal to make sure successful companies are put out of business. What won the election for them? Lots of people wanting free stuff, it’s that simple. Those who actually earn their way are going to find a way to protect what’s theirs. It’s that simple. And while all this is going on, Russia, China and Iran et al are licking their chops.

  • halberst

    Shouldn’t your title also include THE POOR, and IMMIGRANTS? Seems like once again CatholicVote.Org is just cherry picking the right’s talking points and not reading the post they comment on.

  • John son of John

    thank God for Bishops like Cardinal Dolan

    • God Almighty

      Bishop Dolan is alienating any friends that Catholics have left and insuring that we are politically powerless. I certainly wouldn’t be thanking God for him.

      • John son of John

        At least he is trying to be a peacemaker.

        • This Catholic

          Dolan is not trying to be a peacemaker. If he wanted to make peace, he would have just written a congratulations letter without the diatribes.

          • Tom S.

            Not true, This Catholic. Write to Card. Dolan and ask to debate him in public. He will make you look foolish. Guaranteed.

          • John son of John

            i know what a diatribe is and he as far as i know never engages in that type of rant.
            if you are going to state something next time please prove it.
            God bless

  • Jamie

    My mother taught me that if I couldn’t say anything nice, that I shouldn’t say anything at all. Clearly, Mr. Dolan didn’t learn that lesson.

    • John son of John

      charity is occasionally known to be firm.

      • Jamie Candace Ward

        This letter is neither charitable nor firm.

        • Nicole Bockwinkle

          I’m still not sure why you object, Jamie.

        • John son of John

          I do not understand how you would know that.

  • Thomas Rooney OFS

    The Cardinal’s message was gracious….and uncompromising.



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