Cardinal O’Malley to Boycott Boston College Commencement Over Pro-Choice Speaker

In a statement released Friday, Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston has announced that he will not be attending the commencement ceremonies at Boston College this year.   The Cardinal Archbishop of Boston traditionally delivers the benediction at the Jesuit school’s graduation.

Cardinal O’Malley’s decision came after Boston College refused to rescind an invitation to Enda Kenny, the pro-choice Prime Minister of Ireland.  Kenny is slated to be the commencement speaker and to receive an honorary Doctor of Laws degree.

As reported by The Cardinal Newman Society:

O'Malley“Since the university has not withdrawn the invitation and because the Taoiseach (prime minister) has not seen fit to decline, I shall not attend the graduation,’’ O’Malley said in a statement released this afternoon. “It is my ardent hope that Boston College will work to redress the confusion, disappointment and harm caused by not adhering to the Bishops’ directives,” he added, referencing the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops instruction that Catholic institutions not honor those whose views are inconsistent with the Church’s teachings.

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  • Joe Kelly

    I am pro life. To assume that Enda Kenny is pro choice is unfair to him. He and his government find themselves in a situation that they are required by law to bring forward this legislation as a result of a referendum to amend the Constitution allowing for abortion in the case of danger to the mothers life and the interpretation of that referendum by the Irish Supreme Court which said that the threat of suicide can be considered as a danger to the mothers life. Remember that in Ireland, only the people in a referendum can change the constitution and government must act in accordance with the result.
    ( In the US only the politicians, not the people decide on constitutional amendments)
    The Irish Supreme Court ruling on suicide is not what was expected as an outcome of this amendment which was pushed for by the pro life movement even though abortion was already illegal in Ireland. The legislation under consideration is attempting to be as restrictive as possible under the circumstances. Kenny has never said he was pro choice and I think most Irish people would not consider him pro choice. As an Irish Catholic living in the US and somebody that likes O Malley, I am disappointed that he has chosen unfairly to treat Kenny in this way.

    • JackB

      Joe has to take a closer look at the Catholic Church in the auld sod. I care less about Kenny than I do about the atrocities perpetrated against women by the church… the Magdalene laundry, a convent run by Nuns. My relatives came from Dublin and I could not believe the horror stories regarding this laundry.

      A woman gave birth out of wedlock. The Nuns confiscated the baby and consigned the mother to the house. Many years later the young girl had strayed and was placed in the house. The mother and the girl were working next to each other and did not recognize each other. Horror beyond belief!


    Abortion is killing any way you look at it. Many wrongs don ‘t make a right.. The pope should step in on who they invite to speak.



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