Cardinal O’Malley to Boycott Boston College Commencement Over Pro-Choice Speaker

In a statement released Friday, Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston has announced that he will not be attending the commencement ceremonies at Boston College this year.   The Cardinal Archbishop of Boston traditionally delivers the benediction at the Jesuit school’s graduation.

Cardinal O’Malley’s decision came after Boston College refused to rescind an invitation to Enda Kenny, the pro-choice Prime Minister of Ireland.  Kenny is slated to be the commencement speaker and to receive an honorary Doctor of Laws degree.

As reported by The Cardinal Newman Society:

O'Malley“Since the university has not withdrawn the invitation and because the Taoiseach (prime minister) has not seen fit to decline, I shall not attend the graduation,’’ O’Malley said in a statement released this afternoon. “It is my ardent hope that Boston College will work to redress the confusion, disappointment and harm caused by not adhering to the Bishops’ directives,” he added, referencing the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops instruction that Catholic institutions not honor those whose views are inconsistent with the Church’s teachings.

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  • http://facebook Mary

    The President of the College will be accountable for this decision. Scripture guides us that we better watch out what we teach the children of God. We as generations of family members that have gone to this college will not encourage the next generation to go there because of this decision.

  • Bev

    He sure doesn’t have to participate in something he doesn’t want to, and he can boycott whatever college he wants to–A lot of power, those archbishops have. How about using that power to help women who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy. How about more compassion and less judgement? A patriarchal society will always find for the male and not the female. Is there a reason that women are second class citizens in the Catholic church? Talk about “old boys network.”

    • May


      Your statement implies that bishops do not use their “power” to help women. Hmm…same old smears aimed at the Church. It is bishops, priests and lay people of our Church and the those of other Judeo-Christian Churches who are the ones who offer true help to women who find themselves in unplanned (crisis pregnancies). One example is that my Roman Catholic diocese has built an on campus dormitory for college students who have these crisis pregnancies. Most pro-abortion “clinics” assume the only answer is to “terminate” the pregnancy and don’t even discuss the adoption option or the option of simply keeping their baby and helping them finish college so they can do so. So many of these poor women have felt as if they have no other option except abortion if they are to continue in college. Well, the Church gives them a true choice by providing a place for them to live and they can even stay there with their babies while continuing college should they want to keep their child rather than give them up for adoption. Another example is in our small town which has a very good and helpful crisis pregnancy center run by a consortium of Christian churches which provides real and significant help for these women. And many other options are available through various ministries through out the country from many different churches. But the Catholic Church has always provided help so your dig is rather odd and unwarranted.

      And consider that the pro-choice (note the “choice” is always abortion) camp vehemently pushes to let young girls have access to contraception which include hormonal prescriptions and the morning after pill (very dangerous). Why is it verboten for our boys to take steroids (a type of hormone) for sports enhancement as it is very dangerous to their health but it is okay for girls to take hormones which are just as dangerous to them?

      It seems to me that it is the pro-abortion side that does not care about women. They simply want them to be able to have recreational sex without any consequences. But they are fooling themselves, because there are always consequences for women. Having a baby may have its risks, but abortion and hormonal birth control have serious risks for women. Everything from increasing the incidence of various cancers to causing preemies in later pregnancies. And these don’t keep women from contracting SDSs. What is wrong with teaching our young people virtue and self control. The pro-aborts are insulting our young people by telling them that they have no ability to control themselves. They sell our young people short.

      Compassion and less judgment you say? How compassionate is it to run girls/women through abortion mills as if they are cattle? And who is judging whom? Your swipes at bishops sound very judgmental to me. God bless our bishops and priests and pray for them, do not “judge” them.

    • Maxwell Sim

      I don’t think the Church condemns unplanned pregnancies or unwed mothers. There is a lot of good work done to support these women. But that does not lead to supporting abortion in the case of an abortion. And this is a Jesuit College in his archdiocese which he is the boss.

  • James W Farley

    I am extremely pleased with Cardinal Sean O’Malley decision to not attend or deliver the benediction at Boston College’s Commencement. It is right and just and should not be taken as weightless action. For the Arch-Diocese of Boston to take such a stand is commendable and in keeping with God’s teachings. Boston College should be ashamed by thier action and should recind the invitation immediately. God Help us all if this is allowed to happen.

  • Loretta Shalosky

    I bet there is some other prestigious Irish man or woman, who could be invited to honor their Irish roots without dissing the Catholic Church.

  • Patrick Flanigan

    Thank You Cardinal O’Malley, your a man of faith and truth and I applaud you for your courage.

    Since Notre Dame Invited Obama in 2009 I have lost all respect for that college. I have not watched any sports and have not bought any sports related clothes that has Notre Dame on them. Fr. John Jenkins should leave the priesthood.

  • Stephanie

    I’m curious – was the speaker planning to discuss abortion in the commencement speech?

    • May

      It does not matter if she plans to speak on abortion or not. She has publically supported a grave evil. She should not be a speaker at this Catholic College….but maybe it is as “Catholic” as the one I attended which was and is still off the reservation as far as orthodoxy is concerned. I never give to my alma mater as a result but donate instead to real Catholic colleges such as Thomas Aquinas in Santa Paula, California. Note that Bishop Darcy (now deceased) refused to go to ND when Obama was at their graduation. These dear bishops are heroes in my opinion….really saintly men.



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