Cardinal O’Malley to Boycott Boston College Commencement Over Pro-Choice Speaker

In a statement released Friday, Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston has announced that he will not be attending the commencement ceremonies at Boston College this year.   The Cardinal Archbishop of Boston traditionally delivers the benediction at the Jesuit school’s graduation.

Cardinal O’Malley’s decision came after Boston College refused to rescind an invitation to Enda Kenny, the pro-choice Prime Minister of Ireland.  Kenny is slated to be the commencement speaker and to receive an honorary Doctor of Laws degree.

As reported by The Cardinal Newman Society:

O'Malley“Since the university has not withdrawn the invitation and because the Taoiseach (prime minister) has not seen fit to decline, I shall not attend the graduation,’’ O’Malley said in a statement released this afternoon. “It is my ardent hope that Boston College will work to redress the confusion, disappointment and harm caused by not adhering to the Bishops’ directives,” he added, referencing the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops instruction that Catholic institutions not honor those whose views are inconsistent with the Church’s teachings.

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  • Tyler

    Hopefully he can begin speaking up more and taking more action against things like this happening in Boston and all over Massachusetts…
    (that link is found on the St. Cecelia parish web site)

    Pray for our Church leaders.

  • JackB

    Higher educational institutions have a special place in society, however the president of Boston College William P. Leahy, S.J. needs to fess up to church leaders on why Enda Kenny was invited knowing his pro-choice leanings. If this invitation was a surprise to Cardinal O’Malley the church authority is in deep trouble.

  • Steve Cherry

    Cardinal O’Malley does the right thing to boycott the commencement at Boston College; too bad he didn’t have such principles when the reprobate Ted Kennedy died. He should have never given such a public spectacle of a funeral for a man who for 40 years opposed the Church’s pro-life positions in every way and then whispered a little mea culpa on his deathbed.

  • p. r. kuhn

    Are we going to boycott anyone who does not share our views? Choosing to not attend the ceremony becasue of a pro-life speaker equates to taking their toys and going home becaause they don’t want to play that game. Grow up and understand that God gave us all free will and He respects that….why can we humans do the same?

    • Maxwell Sim

      Catholic Institutions of Learning are by nature expected to be bearers of the teachings of the Church be it in action and if possible in teaching. The Cardinal did the right thing. It’s a Jesuit College in a parish in which he’s the Ordinary so the College is expected to toe the line. So Mr. Kuhn, stop being a cafeteria Catholic. Being Catholic means embracing the entirety of its teaching and obedience to the Magisterium and not pick and choose what we choose to believe. There is no room these days for being “tolerant” these days as too much has been sacrificed on the altar of “just-because-I_don’t-like-so-I-don’t-want-it”

    • rick

      Yes God did give us free will, but he also gave us commandments. The cardinal has the free will not to support someone who encourages others to break the commandments. In addition, every institution has “rules” and everyone has the free will to leave if they don’t agree with the rules.

  • Stephen S

    What Cardinal O’malley should be doing is to tell Boston College is that Prime Minister Enda Kenny will not be allowed to give the commencement address. The Catholic Church looks like a joke whenever such things go on in so called Catholic Institutions. We either stand for Catholic teaching or we don’t.

  • Coleen LaFosse

    Coleen says:
    How sad it is that many people no longer hold the Catholic Church in high esteem and trust because of a certain few who chose to commit evil acts. People seem to forget that Priests are human beings like the rest of us. They too have the gift of free will. They too are subjected to the same sicknesses, both psychological and physical, as lay people. We are all sinners! Those of you that continue to cast stones at my Church because you believe you are without sin, I will continue to pray for you. I will continue to pray for all our Priests who have suffered immense pain because of a certain few.

    • jgbech

      Coleen, your numbers don’t add up. You, like my 4th Degree Knight brother, use the flawed word “FEW”. If you follow the media the Catholic Church has crossed the one $billion mark to defend the pedophiles and provide retribution for the victims. All the while covering up the criminal acts of many in the hierarchy. If you follow church history you will find horrendous acts of inhumanity. Even the revered Christopher Columbus, using his status with Queen Isabella, and his Conquistadors murdered and raped the Tiano Indians of Hispaniola in attempts to convert them to Catholicism.

      Our problem is we cannot face facts when it comes to the church!

      • Maxwell Sim

        The Church without a doubt not without its black sheep and over the years did not address the issues in a more appropriate but it is taking steps to address it. In equating Columbus to church history shows how much history you actually know. Columbus is part of the history of Spain not of church history.

    • Larry

      Coleen, the Priests that commited the sexual abuse are not the issue. The issue is that the abuse was hidden from the public for perhaps hundreds of years by the Catholic hierarchy. How does anyone have faith in the Catholic Church when this coverup is brought to light?

      • JackB

        Larry, I agree totally.



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