Cartoon: Obama Vs. The Church

This cartoon by Michael Ramirez is being forwarded around a lot this weekend:

full-size version here.



  • Jennifer

    Ugh! This is so true! I hate this new mandate…. It bugs me so much that he is making any catholic bussiness pay for any emplyess abortions, birth control, or anything like that!! I hate that he is make catholic hospitals perform abortions!! It goes againts The Catholic/ Christian faith!! We have a right to have freedom of religion, it says so in the bill of rights our founding fathers created. If he is doing this to us Catholics, whats next? Making Hindus eat beef(their biggest sin)?? even though it is againts their religion he could make them do it!! We shouldnt be forced to go against out religion. I am so proud to be a catholic but i feel like we need to take a bigger stand and get more involved…

  • MikeM

    Did any of you see Rep. Xavier Becerra on Meet the Press this morning? He represented himself as a Catholic before defending the HHS mandate while misrepresenting what the Church does and what the mandate does. In his absurd comments, he argued that “[I]f [the Church] wants to be in the business of providing health insurance, it should, it should do what every other health insurer must do under our laws. ” For one thing, Rep. Becerra, the Church ISN’T a health insurer… it does pay for health insurance, but when you say “want,” sir, you might consider that you voted to mandate that employers provide such coverage.

    I would like to see him pushed to recant his erroneous statements. I’m writing to him and to Archbishop Gomez about the matter.

    His full comments are buried in the transcript here: .

  • Warren

    It’s unlikely that Obama’s current anti-religion action will survive a SCOTUS challenge. He’s 0-for-1 in the war on religion (Hosanna-Tabor vs EEOC).

    That said, Obama is successfully pitting Catholics against Catholics. That may not be a bad thing in the long run. President Obama is doing us a favour by clarifying the distinction between practicing Catholics and Obama-catholics. However, if he is re-elected, you can be sure Obama will become emboldened. Preemptive action is necessary, then, in order to stem America’s slide into oblivion.

    Obama knows that the Catholic Church is the only real bulwark against his agenda of dismantling religious freedoms and creating a more socialistic state. Obama must be exposed for what his actions reveal him to be: a velvet tongued anti-Catholic bigot who is using Catholic dupes to undermine opposition to his agenda. Sister Carol Keehan has found out that she has been duped. Esau sold his birthright for a mess of pottage. Sister Carol got a souvenir pen.

    We, up North in Canada, know all about the tactics of socialists dressed up in democrat clothing. Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, pseudo-Catholic, a master of the political forum and a Machiavellian if ever there was one, successfully enlisted the Catholic constituency (politicians, justices, pew warmers) to further his Liberal Party’s culture-of-death agenda: contraception; divorce; abortion. Catholic “intellectuals” such as Gregory Baum, Bishop Remi De Roo (of race horse investment scandal infamy) and the notorious Sister Mary Jo Leddy provided cover fire from universities, the pulpit and the left wing media. Trudeau’s legacy lives on and we’re fighting a rear guard action to reclaim our rightful place in the public square.

    Catholics in America must decide whether they want to be Catholic-Americans or American-Catholics. The former are in the world but not of it. The latter are, like Pelosi, Sebelius, et al, worldly and at odds with Christ and His Church. If America is to prosper and remain a beacon of hope, the traditional Catholic-Democratic Party association must be discarded as long as the Democratic Party continues to promote deadly policies and seeks to undermine Constitutional freedoms.

  • Sam

    It’s a slippery slope when you try to force religion to do what the government orders or mandates, despite the religion. Jews are equally worried about this. In the 80’s, no insurance company covered birth control pills. It was a choice, something you paid for out of pocket. Now if employees of Catholic Hospitals, Universities, etc. want to buy them, no one is stopping them. Indeed, I’m sure Planned Parenthood would be glad to provide them. The insult is that Obamacare is taking the first ammendent rights away from the Catholics in order to promote their own agenda. What next? You are mandated to eat peas or pay a fine? Jews are not allowed to circumsize? (Liberals don’t like that either) The Amish must be forced to use electricity because….what…you fill in the blank. We left England and King George because of this. A wolf in sheeps clothing is still a wolf. I can only pray that Obummercare gets treated the way it deserves by the Supreme Court and that we can all move on. Freely. As intented.



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