Catching up on (and voting for) Marriage

As I ride the bus up to New York City this morning to report on this press conference, I’m taking the time to catch up on the most significant debate currently taking place between those who support the traditional “conjugal” view of marriage and those who wish to redefine marriage to include same-sex relationships.

All of this began when Prof. Robby George, Ryan T. Anderson and Sherif Girgis wrote “What is Marriage?” last month.

I’m simply going to lift Justin Taylor’s method of presenting the materials:

In addition, Maggie Gallagher at the National Organization for Marriage is engaged in an online debate with Evan Wolfson hosted by The Economist on whether gay marriage ought to be legal. Besides reading the exchange, I would urge you to vote in their online poll asking the same question (the traditional marriage folks are currently outnumbered 2-1).

Marriage affects all of us, so it is in our best interest to try to understand it better.



  • Mary L. Harrell

    Thank you for condensing all of these links into one place, Thomas! Many folks seem to have trouble articulating why they support traditional marriage, and the more articles they can read on the subject, the better (especially when they’re authored by Prof. George!). Thank you again.

  • Greg Smith

    Thomas – The teaching of our Church is that homosexual acts are sinful. As a Catholic, I accept that, although I expect that many decades down the road the ?? Edition of the Catachisim will include pastrol language simmilar to that found in section 2352 which begins “In order to form an equitable judgement about the subjects moral responsibility …..” The problem many, perhaps most, American Catholics face when called upon to “defend” marriage is that lots of us ARE married and a case hasn’t been convincinly made to us that gay civil marriage is a threat to marriages in general or ours in particular. The lesbian in the next office got married in her Pryesbeteran church, a year ago October, during the “window” before prop 8 took effect. She was previously in a domestic partnership with her partner of 20+ years and they have two children. I do not understand how thier changing from “partners” to “spouses” threatens my marriage, or anyone elses.

    • Bruce

      Ask Catholic adoption agencies in Massachusetts and Washington D.C. Also, ask children abused, er, “raised”, by homosexual “spouses”. Also, ask homosexuals how long their relationships typically last, and how many “spouses” they have per time. Also, ask Jesus if it is okay for you, “as a Catholic” to allow your brothers and sisters to live in mortal sin and sodomize their way to Hell. Go ahead, please, ask.

  • Mark

    Good info but I suggest you correct “effects” to “affects” in the last line!

    • pete s

      The fact that the two gay guys down the street doesn’t affect us all, except that when they are married they are able to care for each other, protect each other, support each other. When married, their family is more stable and their children are happier and healthier. Wait, what’s the downside?

      • Bruce

        Pete S said (to the effect): “I did not bother to read any arguments linked in the story above that provide ample evidence against my heavily-flawed opinion.” I replied: “Yes, it would appear so.”

      • Dan M

        The downside is, marriage loses its meaning, the basic block of society crumbles, and society will go with it. It is also bad for the gay couple: how the heck are they supposed to get to heaven when they refuse to obey God? And how do you think God will judge a nation that approves of and funds wicked behavior?

        You say that the “family” of gay men and children is more stable “when married.” You assuming that they can be married, which is false. Marriage equals one man, one woman. A gay couple is not that, so they aren’t married.

        • Pamela

          Oh please, society will go with it? that’s a lie. Based on the data so far, those states with marriage equality have the highest rates of heterosexual marriage and the lowest rates of divorce. Kind of proves you wrong.



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