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Safely returned

I made it home safely this evening. Hopefully after work tomorrow I’ll catch a few hours later in the afternoon to assemble some posts. Being out of town since last Friday, I am also behind on my email correspondence so I’ll be seeing to that as well. Thanks for the patience (and new blogads – [...]

On the road until the 24th…

As mentioned, I’ll be in Dallas, TX until roughly the 24th (next Thursday). Blogging will be sporadic until then. Thanks to everyone who has emailed me. I’ll consult with my friends about getting in touch during my stay!

Fair (Dallas, TX) Travel Warning

I will be in Dallas, TX this weekend (from the 18th-23rd) if anyone in the area wants to meet up/show me around/buy me a pint. I’ll be visiting several friends who are in graduate and undergraduate degree programs at the University of Dallas. Blogging will probably be lighter but not quite non-existent during those dates. [...]

AmP statistics, visitor trends, and a special note to my readers.

This is an impromptu state-of-the-amercianpapist-union address, beginning with a graphic that shows the place of origin for the last 100 visitors to these pages: *Almost* every continent is represented in this snapshot. I do spot visitors from South Africa occasionally, once in a great while from Russia or India. I hope to see an increase [...]

Blog Advertising heads up

This week should be a very busy one traffic-wise for AmericanPapist as I cover Pope Benedict’s apostolic journey to Brazil at great length, so now would be a very good time to secure you’re advertisement’s place on my BlogAds sidestrip, especially since several current ads are due to expire this week (thus freeing up more [...]

Sunday reading: books in the mailbox

Kelli and the kind folks at Doubleday’s Religion division have been sending me plenty of recently released titles to keep my summer reading list full and varied, and I’d like to let you know about some of them (descriptions are taken from the Doubleday Religion page): A highly respected physicist demonstrates that the essential beliefs [...]

Do you have Papist Content? Let people know about it @ AmP!

For those of you who are interested, here’s how it works: Here at AmP I love promoting good papist content, especially of the multimedia variety (this is a blog, after all). Videos, music, art, wallpapers – if your work is papist and high quality, drop me a line at “thomas [at]” and it might [...]

busy blog day

Many changes in layout and updates in content planned for today. so please pardon the mess…

Exceeded Expectations!

Dedicated papists can do alot when they get together! In addition to surpassing that “radically inclusive” blog I mentioned yesterday (and the Episcopalian one before it), AmericanPapist has actually managed to knock the annoying atheist blog off the front page of the Blogger’s Choice Awards. The front page is now stacked top-to-bottom with orthodox Catholic [...]



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