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Do you have Papist Content? Let people know about it @ AmP!

For those of you who are interested, here’s how it works: Here at AmP I love promoting good papist content, especially of the multimedia variety (this is a blog, after all). Videos, music, art, wallpapers – if your work is papist and high quality, drop me a line at “thomas [at]” and it might [...]

busy blog day

Many changes in layout and updates in content planned for today. so please pardon the mess…

Exceeded Expectations!

Dedicated papists can do alot when they get together! In addition to surpassing that “radically inclusive” blog I mentioned yesterday (and the Episcopalian one before it), AmericanPapist has actually managed to knock the annoying atheist blog off the front page of the Blogger’s Choice Awards. The front page is now stacked top-to-bottom with orthodox Catholic [...]

"Radically inclusive"? Does that include evil?

Because of your votes AmericanPapist continues to climb the rankings in the Blogger’s Choice Awards! The “radically inclusive Christian blog” slightly ahead of me is run by a fellow who calls himself “Madpriest” and encourages people to vote for him with headlines such as these (I’ve included my reactions in parenthesis): “Flip the bird at [...]

Stage 1 complete, now to Stage 2!

My thanks to everyone who heeded my call and brought this dangerous state of affairs yesterday…. …. to this (far more desirable) situation today: Truly, progress is being made! At the same time, however, there are still a couple unseemly competitors that need to be answered in some form. Whether it be me or others [...]

Thanks for blogrolling AmericanPapist!

I’d like to take a moment to thank and give a link to the many people who have recently blogrolled AmericanPapist. Blogrolling is the surest way of making me aware of your work and giving me a chance to drop by and see what you have been publishing! Fiat Lux (en Portuguese, I believe) – [...]

I’m neck-and-neck with an Episcopalian!

Today’s update: As St. Paul tells us: Do you not know that in a race all the runners compete, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it. (1 Cor. 9:24). Well, my friends, the race is fierce on the second page of the Best Religion Blog. I’m just barely outpacing [...]

Blogger’s Choice Awards update

Since my non-too-subtle post yesterday the total number of votes for AmP in the Blogger’s Choice Awards has almost doubled (now at 50). Muchas gratias! Looking through the top 24 candidates for Best Religion Blog I’m struck by several things: 21 out of the top 24 blogs are Catholic. Way to represent, St. Blogs! The [...]

Some quick AmP B.C.A. statistics

Subito: Current number of votes for Amp in the Blogger’s Choice Awards: 27. Number of additional votes needed to reach the first page of the category: 39. Percentage of voters needed to reach this goal: 3% of AmP’s visitors yesterday! Here’s where. And no worries – you can vote for as many blogs as you [...]

AmP nominated for the Blogger’s Choice Awards

My thanks go out to “Lznd” who nominated this blog for the 2007 Blogger’s Choice Awards, and for the other people who have since voted for me. Early this week I got an email saying that an atheist blog was winning the “Best Religion blog” category, but happily it has now fallen to fifth place, [...]



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