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Vatican Unveils New Tank

ROME — In a surprise press conference yesterday, high-ranking Vatican official Cardinal Giacomo Tortellini announced that the Vatican has been developing a new main battle tank. “As Prefect for the Congregation of Defense, I felt it was necessary to take concrete action to protect the Holy See from her enemies.  This is the first new […]

Synod Confusion

The Synod on the family is getting ready to wrap up in Rome, and–not surprisingly–the coverage of it by the mainstream American media shows widespread confusion about what Catholicism is, or about how the Catholic Church understands itself.  We find a prominent example of this in the Washington Post‘s latest offering: “Vatican Meeting Reveals Growing […]

Do Women Need the Church?

“The one solace…women have is the Church.” How often do we hear this claim?  The Church, we’re told, is behind the times, patriarchal, out of touch with the real lived experience of women, and offers them only a life of drudgery and eternal pregnancy.  The Church, we’re assured, is not a place of solace for […]

Synod’s Final Report Already Written By Bon Jovi

ROME — During a press conference this morning, the Secretary General of the Synod on the Family, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldiserri, along with Archbishop Bruno Forte, confirmed rumors that the Relatio Synodi, or the final document of the synod, has already been written. “We have decided to bypass the traditional rules governing the order in which […]

Vatican’s firing of gay priest puts “Who am I to Judge” to the test

  Today, on the eve of the Synod on the Family, a Polish priest who works–or rather, worked–in the Vatican decided to announce that he’s gay and has a partner. In an interview with “Corriere della Sera,” Msgr. Krzystof Charamsa said: I want the Church and my community to know who I am: a gay […]

Catholics Encouraged by Unifying Papal Address to Congress

Catholic voters are proud to call themselves Catholic after today’s address by the Holy Father to Congress. The humble voice of the Pope called on our political leaders to rediscover a spirit of solidarity in addressing issues of the family, life, the environment, and immigration. This was not a political speech, but a call to […]

In Surprise Move, Pope Francis Meets with Little Sisters of the Poor

  At the first canonization mass to be celebrated on US soil, Pope Francis called the Church “to go forth to offer everyone the life of Jesus Christ.” He said that “The People of God can embrace everyone because we are the disciples of the One who knelt before his own to wash their feet.” […]

Wednesday the President, Sunday the Pope

When an American President invites someone to the White House, or even says his name in a public address, more than style points are at stake. We can argue about his legacy, but someone who understood this well and used it to good effect was President George W. Bush, who made it his purpose to […]

Why is Pope Francis Coming to Philadelphia?

He’s coming for the World Meeting of Families. He’s coming to canonize a saint, Junipero Serra. He’s coming to address the United Nations. He’s coming to speak to the American Congress. But most of all, he’s coming because a shepherd needs to be with his sheep. And you don’t take my word for it.  



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