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The Real St. Francis of Assisi

Back when Pope Francis was elected, I wrote the piece below for, and unfortunately, it got lost in the wave of stories about the saint’s surprising and charismatic namesake. And that’s too bad. Francis is my confirmation saint, and even in my wilderness years away from the Church, I never lost my fondness for […]

Video: The Moment I Called the Conclave in Advance

It’s amusing to see the mainstream media react to the shocking news that the new pope is … catholic. Of course, I had that one figured out right away. In fact, I knew even before the announcement about Pope Francis was made. See for yourself — this segment was taped and aired on CBN TV March 12, […]

The Demographics of a Changing Church: The First Pope from the Americas

In his most recent column, Pat Buchanan reflects on the recent conclave and what has happened in Europe to usher in the first pontiff from the Americas. (He is not, as Max Fisher of the Washington Post points out, the first “non-European pope.”) Buchanan writes: “The Faith is Europe. And Europe is the Faith,” wrote […]

Pope Who? Learning About the Man who is Pope Francis I

When Pope Benedict XVI was elected, it was a delightful and welcome surprise. He was the cardinal that so many Catholics hoped, but dared not believe, would be elected. And because of his profile within the Church, many of us already knew him, had read his work and knew his thought, and had some idea […]

Pope Francis’ Adoption Position Shared by Many Homosexuals

That didn’t take long. It’s already time to defend the new Pope. Much is already being made about Pope Francis’ opposition to gay adoption when it was at issue in Argentina in 2010. This humble man who cooks his own food and takes public transportation puts a lie to the smear that equates all pro-family […]

The Science of Holy Smoke: Conclave Messaging Secrets Revealed!

This morning, a friend of mine who lives in Rome posted the following observation on Facebook: Looking up at the chimney on the Sistine Chapel this morning, I began to see the problem with creating recognisably black smoke in weather like this. With the light grey of the overcast, any solid, including smoke particles, are […]

“It is a dangerous time. Pray for us.”

In certain Catholic circles, there has been no small amount of alarm over Pope Emeritus Benedict’s abdication, and the possible circumstances that precipitated it. Those who have always looked to Benedict as a dauntless pillar of strength in a very tumultuous period for the Church found it suspicious that he would step down from his […]



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