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Three More Shows Catholics Should Be Watching

In a previous post, we looked at scripted shows geared to an adult audience. Now, it’s on to reality, which has, by default, often become today’s family viewing. The three scripted shows I recommended that Catholics watch were The CW’s “The Flash,” Netflix’s “Marvel’s Daredevil” and HBO’s “Silicon Valley.” They’re not to everybody’s taste, but I considered them […]

Hollywood-Based Priest on What $1M Can Do

Father David Guffey sat down with me after giving a talk on the media to a roomful of people at this past winter’s Religious Education Congress in Anaheim, California. Guffey, who belongs to the Congregation of Holy Cross, splits his time between the celebrity-packed St. Monica Church in Santa Monica, and Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, […]

Bishop of Brooklyn: Do Not Take Threats to Religious Freedom Lightly

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn is warning Catholics in his diocese that the threat to religious freedom in this country is real, and our children will be the ones to suffer if we fail to be vigilant. While rightly cautioning against any attempts to equate the situation in America with the violent persecutions in other […]

‘The Gipper’ Lives: Football Comes to the Reagan Library

Sunday is for Mass, and for brunch, but it’s also for football (along with Saturdays, Friday nights and the odd Thursday). From the “Hail Mary pass” to the “Immaculate Reception,” from Notre Dame to the New Orleans Saints, from daily Mass-going Coach Vince Lombardi of the Green Bay Packers to weekly Mass-going  Coach Nick Saban […]

‘Jenner’ Ideology: An Embrace of Evil, A Cry for Help

The recent “Vanity Fair” cover featuring Bruce Jenner posing as “Caitlyn” is something none of us will ever be able to un-see. This singular airbrushed, photo-shopped mishmash of visual cues is a disturbingly effective expression of both wounded human nature and the nature of evil. And we need to have some understanding of what it […]

Let’s Face It – We Can No Longer Be Science Deniers

This will be hard for some people to accept, but at long last we have to stop denying the truth and be honest with ourselves.  The simple fact is this: the science is there for all to see, and it’s not going away. To be sure, it will not be easy to overcome long-held and […]

Persecution, Then and Now

Christians in America sometimes complain of what they perceive as persecution or a move in the direction of anti-Christian persecution.  These concerns may sometimes be overblown.  Christianity and Christian morality used to dominate American society.  That is not so not true any more, and it is getting less true over time.  Having grown accustomed to […]

Jim Gaffigan: ‘There’s nothing normal about being Catholic …’

On July 15, “The Jim Gaffigan Show” premieres on TVLand, but fans have been able to watch an episode online — click here to watch (hurry, it’s only available through May 29) — for more than a month now. But, “The Bible Story” is not the first episode of the show. The show is a fictionalized version […]

True Freedom

Our political freedom is very important, and we should do everything we can to preserve it.  But as Catholics we know that it is not the highest kind of freedom. This truth was brought back to my mind by a passage in Sigrid Undset’s charming little book, Happy Times in Norway.  Undset was a convert […]



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