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True Colors

With the successful campaign to smear and intimidate the supporters of Arizona Senate Bill 1062 into silence, we have seen the true colors of modern liberalism: it is a totalitarian movement which seeks to destroy religious expression. This is bad enough, but sadly, this is only a symptom of the much larger problem of radical [...]

Beyond the Great Lenten Phone and Facebook Fast

We are fast approaching Ash Wednesday, and it is time to start planning your Lenten fast. Lent is about recommitting to prayer, fasting so as to make room for God and almsgiving to relearn self-giving love — and for many of us, the biggest obstacle to prayer is social media, the biggest time-waster (and stressor) [...]

Vatican II: A Great Gift to the Church

  I’m not a Vatican II scholar (I know, you’re shocked) but I’ve always had the notion that the Second Vatican Council was, all in all, a good thing. And I still do, but I don’t articulate why it was a good thing nearly as well as some other people do. I missed this article by George [...]

Priest Criticized For Refusing Last Rites to Homosexual Patient

The Washington Post continues to go after priests who uphold Catholic sexual teaching. Last week, it was the smear of Fr. John DeCelles for not renewing his contract with the Boy Scouts of America following their decision to allow openly gay scouts into their membership. Now it’s an attack on Fr. Brian Coelho, a chaplain [...]

While Kiev burns

“We could not stand by and watch. We had to take the side of the people.The Catholic Church has lived under totalitarian and communist and monarchist regimes. And that the people have the right to protest against steps of the government with which they do not agree…The Church must be with the people.”  ~Archpriest Igor [...]

How the Great Books Rewired My Brain

In the five years I have worked at Benedictine College, my wife, April, and I have longed, hoped, pleaded and planned for a Benedictine College Great Books Program. Our old friends Edward Mulholland and Susan (Orr) Traffas have finally accomplished the goal: The program starts this Fall, in time for Hoopes Child Number 2 (of [...]

What to Make of Woody Allen, Hollywood, and Contemporary Culture?

Most of us will never in this life know the truth about the recent allegations of child sexual abuse leveled against Woody Allen by Dylan Farrow.  Only Allen and Farrow absolutely know what happened.  And people within the family, or people who were involved in the original investigation, might be able to have some moral [...]

Going Bananas

Fielding Mellish: “Doing a sociological study on perversion. I’m up to Advanced Child Molesting.” Fielding Mellish: “I am reminded tonight of the farmer who had an incestuous relationship with both his daughters simultaneously.”   Who pokes fun at child molestation? Who jokes about incest? Who has this lewd and depraved sense of humor? Who is [...]

What would the martyrs of the Church think about Belgium’s euthanasia law?

Late last week the country of Belgium became the first nation in the world to allow terminally ill persons of any age to be euthanized. The controversial bill was passed by Belgium’s Parliament 86-44 and is expected to be signed by Catholic King Philippe sometime in the coming days. Despite 60% of the Belgium population identifying as members of [...]

Washington Post Columnist Attacks Priest For Not “Compromising With the Devil”

Last year, when the Boy Scouts of America were considering changing their admission policy to allow openly homosexual members, Fr. John De Celles, the pastor of St. Raymond of Penafort Catholic Church in Springfield, Virginia, made it very clear to his parish that such a change would impact the BSA’s relationship with the parish, where [...]



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