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Rocked by plagiarism scandal, John Walsh drops out of Montana Senate race

This will make it tougher for Democrats to hold on to their Senate majority. Breaking news from the Missoulan: Sen. John Walsh said Thursday he is pulling out of the Senate race because his campaign was distracted by the controversy over allegations that he plagiarized a U.S. Army War College research paper. Walsh, a Democrat, [...]

Joe Manchin claims to be “pro-life” but wants Hobby Lobby case reversed

When the Supreme Court issued its ruling in the Hobby Lobby case, pro-lifers cheered. But not Senator Joe Manchin. The West Virginia Democrat claims to be “pro-life” yet look at the statement he released in support of a Senate Democratic plan to reverse the Hobby Lobby decision: “Today, I voted in support of overturning the [...]

New Mega Abortion Law Proposed

Harry Reid and his zealous pro-abortion friends are desperate. They know their majority in the Senate is in danger. So guess what? They’ve decided it’s time to dust off the fake ‘War on Women’ playbook again. Senate Democrats know that the bogus ‘War on Women’ helped raise millions of dollars in 2012 while also bringing [...] Candidate Fund supports Jorgensen in #CA52

Voters in CA-52 should send Kirk Jorgensen to Congress FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 23, 2014 Contact: Joshua Mercer, 517-212-0419, CHICAGO — Brian Burch, President of, issued the following statement: “We are proud to announce our endorsement of Kirk Jorgensen in the upcoming California primary. Kirk Jorgensen is a combat veteran and former CIA [...]

Primary elections tomorrow in GA, OR, KY, ID, KY, PA

Voters in six states go to the polls tomorrow (or have already voted if they have early voting). Here are the four things to watch: 1. How much will Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell win by? Polling is never perfect, especially in a primary where there is lower turnout. But the latest poll by the [...]

A Note on Our Endorsement in Nebraska

Recently announced its endorsement of businessman Pete Ricketts in the race for governor of Nebraska. Since our announcement, we have received emails and calls affirming our endorsement as well as others questioning our choice. Some have pointed out that there are several candidates vying for the Republican nomination who boast strong records on life, [...] Endorses Pete Ricketts for Governor

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 29, 2014 Contact: Joshua Mercer, mercer-at-catholicvote-dot-org Endorses Pete Ricketts for Governor Ricketts is a ‘businessman, philanthropist, and reformer’ CHICAGO — Brian Burch, President of, issued the following statement: “We are proud to announce our endorsement of Pete Ricketts in his bid for Governor of Nebraska. Having served [...]

This Democrat called his opponent anti-woman. You have to watch the response.

Democrat Rep. Gary Peters of suburban Detroit is normally a very strong campaigner. But he’s having a tougher time than expected as he tries to win the Senate seat of retiring Democrat Carl Levin. To help him sagging poll numbers, Peters thought he would bring back the “war on women” campaign tactic that proved very [...]

Scary thought: Sebelius ‘thinking’ about a Senate run

Fresh off being the worst Cabinet-level disaster since Donald Rumsfeld, former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is considering a run for the United Senate from Kansas.  Talk about insanity! The New York Times reports: Several Democrats said this week that Ms. Sebelius had been mentioned with growing frequency as someone who could wage a serious challenge to [...]



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