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Is Trump the New Obama? Ways They Are Alike

Over at Aleteia I argue that “Trump is a Mirror.” In writing it I started to notice another phenomenon: There are many similarities between Trump and Obama and their appeal …   They are both “outsiders” challenging the system Why is Trump so popular?  Because  people are sick of Washington and looking for an outsider who […]

Editor’s note about the presidential primary

Everyone has opinions. The many gifted writers who blog here at are no exception. If you see an article criticizing or congratulating a candidate, please understand: It is the opinion of the author alone and not necessarily (unless it is published by itself). So please: enjoy all the different perspectives from our writers as […]

Don’t Be an Anti-Trump Hypocrite

Like so many of my friends on Facebook, I would put Donald Trump as number 4 million on my list of preferred presidential candidates, somewhere below a write-in campaign for Mickey Mouse. Like so many of my Catholic circle of friends, I would love to see the next president of the United States be a […]

At least three Catholics have 2016 on their minds

Before we get started, I wanted to be clear: 1. Just because someone calls themselves Catholic doesn’t mean we should automatically take them at their word. We’ve been burned too many times, from people like Nancy Pelosi to Joe Biden to Lisa Murkowski who all claim to be Catholic yet support legal abortion. 2. Given […]

UPDATED: Where the 2016 candidates stack up on religious liberty

NOTE: As I was finishing this post, I noticed that Maggie Gallagher published a similar article on this same topic over at The Pulse 2016. Go read her article as well!  UPDATED TO INCLUDE NEW REMARKS FROM RAND PAUL. We asked the members of CatholicVote: Should support for religious liberty be a requirement in giving […]

Walker wise to avoid gotcha question, but watch how Huckabee handled evolution

Imagine you’re the Governor of Wisconsin. You’re planning to run for president of the United States. You decide to travel to London. Your rationale for the trip is to increase Wisconsin’s international trade. And during a press conference on international trade the reporter asks you about… evolution? Well, it’s not surprising to me. Reporters love trying to trip […]



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