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Christmas and Chanukah Displays: “Congress Shall Make No Law…”

Every year around this time, the stories begin popping up about certain atheists battling with people of faith over religious holiday displays on public property. They say it’s a question of the Constitutional separation of Church and State. Religious folks say it’s about the free exercise of religion in a Judeo-Christian country. It’s become as […]

Inconvenient Truths

Catholics United, a left-wing advocacy group, has been calling on our bishops and priests to pledge to “keep politics out of our pulpits.” Catholic rectories and chanceries are hardly teeming with advocates of “far-right political causes,” as Catholics United has suggested, but for groups like Catholics United, who desperately want to see President Obama reelected, […]

Paul Ryan: Civil Society is the Source of Solidarity

On Wednesday, Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan traveled to Cleveland State University to deliver what was billed in the press as a speech on poverty. But Ryan gave a speech that was about much more than anti-poverty policies or entitlement reform. The heart of Ryan’s speech was an articulation and defense of civil society, one that resonates […]

Why This Third Party Voter is Voting for Romney, And You Should Too

I’ve made no secret of not being a Romney fan. Or, for that matter, a fan of establishment voting. I didn’t vote for McCain in 2008 and instead chose the third party option, and I had no trouble explaining why. And earlier this year I wrote: Be careful who you vote for. Make sure that […]

Abortion-Inducing Drugs vs. Insulin: The Lack of Justice in the HHS Mandate

The following is a guest post by John Kennedy, CEO of Autocam. Kennedy is the business owner that filed suit last week, through our Legal Defense Fund, against Kathleen Sebelius and the Department of Health and Human Services to oppose the HHS Mandate. You can read more about the lawsuit here: Are abortion-inducing drugs […]

Between a Rock and a Libyan Hard Place

Last night’s presidential debate proved a fairly even match, which means those who want Mitt Romney to win next month are probably inclined to think he won the debate, and those who support President Obama are probably confident that he won. Even if undecided voters are still left undecided, the boost in confidence among the […]

Bidenpalooza and the Death of Freedom

As Josh pointed out, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has issued a press release flatly contradicting Vice President Joe Biden’s claims about the HHS Mandate from last night’s debate. Turns out Biden’s “facts” weren’t really facts after all. Many thanks to the USCCB for clarifying the matter. Now, speaking of clarifying, do the […]

Mr. Vice President

What do you call a man who, though entrusted with the defense of innocents, “refuses” to defend the lives of those he believes to be innocent? What do you call someone who insists that his faith “defines” him but selectively refuses to act on that faith? And what do you call a man who, having […]



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