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A Pope Retires: Questions and Answers

As we draw nearer to the official end of the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI, we are getting answers to some of the questions that Catholics around the world have been asking since Benedict announced his retirement more than two weeks ago.  At a press conference on February 26, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi answered […]

Cardinal Dolan…Pope?

Habemus Gotham? Is it possible? According to this story, the New York prelate’s name is being mentioned with increasing frequency in Rome, as cardinals from around the globe begin arriving for the official farewell of Pope Benedict XVI next week. Of course, speculation is just that – speculation.  Nonetheless, the Italian newspaper La Repubblica is […]

The liturgy via the “hermeneutics of politics”

I’ve seen a few references online to the unscripted “chat” by Pope Benedict to priests and clergy of the Diocese of Rome (e.g., Fr. Z here). And while I admit I didn’t read it all (I should be grading assignments right now, actually) I was blown away by a section on the liturgy. Most folks […]

A Worried NARAL Is Good News For Pro-Lifers

On Tuesday, Roll Call ran a story about a political group striving to capture a youthful image, and in so doing, find relevance and resonance in one of the most hotly contested political issues of our age. The group in question? None other than the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League — known to […]

Why Now?

My offices here in Washington, D.C. happen to be across the street from St. Matthew’s Cathedral. I don’t have a view—because I don’t have a window—but a colleague of mine who does just poked her head into my office and said, “I’ve never seen so many people going to Mass.” So I went to take […]

The story of two eight-year terms

Pope Benedict, 2005-2013 vs. President Obama, 2008-2016 I know, the comparison is hardly equivalent for many reasons: Ratzinger was well-known worldwide as a leading scholar and hardly raised any eyebrows when selected as Pope; Obama was a little-known Chicago senator who advanced politically probably because his ideological leanings were kept under wraps. Benedict XVI shepherded […]

A Pro-Life Opportunity: Please Support Joe Pascale

It’s an argument you’ve probably heard before. “Pro-lifers only care about babies before they’re born. Then they’re left to fend for themselves.” This is, of course, entirely nonsense. The pro-life movement is filled with resources and people that are a great comfort and aid to women with crisis pregnancies, both before and after birth. And […]

A question worth asking, and answering

Carson asks “What is the cause of Argentina’s problem with inflation?  Has the government done something to induce inflation, and is it now imposing price controls as the solution to the problem that it has itself created?  The news report linked above does not say anything about this question, but it is certainly one worth […]

National C******c Reporter

I recognize the importance of studying your enemy’s tactics, but I’m an economist so I also recognize the importance of opportunity cost. I have not read the National Catholic Reporter since I knew enough about its dissenting approach and chose to steer clear. With only so many minutes in the day, with authors like St. […]

Biblical Echoes for Today

With all the coincidences today, you’d think a Higher Power was at work or something. Today of course is the March for Life where we bear witness to the 55 million lives lost to legal abortion, a “right” invented by the Supreme Court. This occurs the same year that our own government actively denies First […]



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