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Interview With John-Andrew O’Rourke, Director of “A Nation Rises”

“Along with traditional means such as witness of life, catechetics, personal contact, popular piety, the liturgy and similar celebrations, the use of media is now essential in evangelization and catechesis. Indeed, “the Church would feel guilty before the Lord if she did not utilize these powerful means that human skill is daily rendering more perfect”. […]

Politics in reality, not middle school civics class

I doubt James Buchanan is well-known among Catholics but he should be, especially if we are interested in pursuing political means for particular ends. Buchanan won the Nobel prize in Economics in 1986 “for his development of the contractual and constitutional bases for the theory of economic and political decision-making.” Sans jargon, Buchanan was a […]

Incredibly Powerful Pro-Life Video Featuring…President Obama?

You’ll never believe he said it. President Obama is responsible for some of the most moving pro-life rhetoric I’ve heard: This is our first task: caring for our children. If we don’t get that right, we don’t get anything right. That’s how, as a society, we will be judged. [. . .] If there’s even […]

What Constitutes a Nation?

The U.S. Constitution isn’t perfect, which is why those who drafted and ratified it also included provision for amending it. Still, there are some who think we should radically change it, or even abandon it all together. One must concede, simply as an abstract matter, that this might well be for the best. Who can […]

Public policy encourages risky lending? That’s CRAzy!

Since the Mayan calendar didn’t usher in an end to the Great Recession, we still have to figure out why it happened. We could boil it down to two deadly sins (greed and pride) and two groups of culprits (financiers and legislators). The typical storyline is that greedy financiers worked around too-loose regulations in creating […]

Archbishop Chaput on the Legacy of St. Thomas More

Over at the Public Discourse (as fine a source of serious thought as you’ll find anywhere on the interwebs) Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia has a thoughtful and bracing essay on St. Thomas More and what the saint’s legacy means for Catholics in America today—especially for Chaput and his fellow bishops. Here’s the heart of […]

Think the HHS Mandate Won’t Hurt Non-Catholics? Think Again.

The Little Sisters of the Poor, first recognized as a Pontifical Institute by Pope Pius XI on July 9, 1854, is a religious congregation dedicated to the care of the elderly poor. According to their website, this mission means that the sisters “welcome them into our homes, form one family with them, accompany them from […]

Is it the economy, stupid?

It may have won Bill Clinton an election over George H.W. Bush, but the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid” couldn’t do the same for Romney. If ever there was an election where that phrase could not have seemed more true, 2012 was it. With unemployment through the roof (above even what the Obama administration considered […]

“Is She Not Our Mother?” – A Story of Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Guadalupe

The sun was glaringly bright in a cloudless sky. As I drove the little red Nissan pickup down the barren stretch of desert highway, I noticed something up ahead. Checkpoint. A group of dark-skinned men in military fatigues manned their posts. Sandbags protected machine gun emplacements, and there was at least one Humvee parked near […]

Civil Society is Solidarity’s Natural Home

Here’s a depressing chart that compares American public education spending to student performance since 1970. (Via, Cato Institute.) And here’s a depressing chart that compares federal anti-poverty spending to the poverty rate since 1962. (Via, National Affairs.) One could find lots of disheartening charts like these, but these two will suffice for our purposes. Consider […]



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