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Christmas and Chanukah Displays: “Congress Shall Make No Law…”

Every year around this time, the stories begin popping up about certain atheists battling with people of faith over religious holiday displays on public property. They say it’s a question of the Constitutional separation of Church and State. Religious folks say it’s about the free exercise of religion in a Judeo-Christian country. It’s become as […]

Currency manipulation–to whose advantage?

Dan suggests “getting tough” on China for its currency manipulation that presumably harms American manufacturing: When the Chinese currency—the yuan—is undervalued against the dollar, it makes Chinese goods cheaper when they enter the United States, thereby undercutting American-based competition. It was U.S. manufacturers who sought to have China branded a manipulator and it’s their employees […]

When State “Charity” and the Dignity of Labor Clash

By now I’m sure most of you have seen this chart: It’s from a presentation by Gary Alexander, Secretary of Public Welfare in Pennsylvania (factoid: he’s also an ordained deacon in the Armenian Orthodox Church!). It shows the after-tax wages (bottom blue bars) and welfare benefits (upper multicolored bars) available for a hypothetical single mom […]

Meme’s the Word (2 of 2)

I briefly discussed a mildly popular internet meme earlier in the week; a second set of images/admonitions asks us to refrain from purchasing Christmas gifts from large chain stores and to instead buy local. One I saw said “HERE’S AN IDEA: let’s buy Christmas presents from small local businesses and self-employed people…Let’s make sure that […]

Counting My Blessings: Still Thankful to be an American

This morning, as I got ready for a long day of cooking, eating, and spending time with my family, I took time to pray, reflecting on those things I’m most thankful for. This is a practice I’ve tried to make a regular part of my life, not just something to do once a year on […]

Meme’s the Word (1 of 2)

Two internet memes seem to be making the interweb rounds as of late, both somewhat related to the holidays. One shows a photo of weary soldiers with the caption “WalMart employees: tell me again how working on Thanksgiving is ruining your holiday?” The second includes various admonitions to buy from local stores during this holiday […]

Isn’t It Time We Asked: What Kind Of Government Do Catholics Want?

I think it’s fair to say that everyone is tired of election politics. The political process in America ensures this. For many months before the election, we are inundated with advertisements, we suffer through debates, we watch endless coverage of campaign stops and stump speeches, and with the addition of social media, we see endless posts […]

Ann Coulter and the GOP’s Abortion Problem

In her election-week column, conservative polemicist Ann Coulter gushed about what she viewed as Romney’s superlative candidacy, and the tragedy of his defeat: Romney was the perfect candidate, and he was the president this country needed right now. It’s less disheartening that a president who wrecked American health care, quadrupled gas prices, added $6 trillion […]

ACA: Not What the Doctor Ordered

Health care has been on my mind lately, not the least reason being that our family got to experience a febrile seizure for the first time yesterday (if you’re a parent or otherwise look after children, I’d suggest reading the link to avoid a similar “that was the scariest thing that ever happened to us” […]

Inconvenient Truths

Catholics United, a left-wing advocacy group, has been calling on our bishops and priests to pledge to “keep politics out of our pulpits.” Catholic rectories and chanceries are hardly teeming with advocates of “far-right political causes,” as Catholics United has suggested, but for groups like Catholics United, who desperately want to see President Obama reelected, […]



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