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Vice President Biden tells religious leaders what to preach about

On Monday, May 6th, Vice President Biden met with a group of religious leaders to discuss gun control. The Associated Press reports that during their two-and-a-half-hour meeting, Vice President Biden told those in attendance to instruct their followers to support the Obama administration’s efforts to place tougher restrictions on firearms, because that’s “the moral thing to do.” […]

Just what is the Catholic teaching on guns & gun control?

Although there was a time when the old men at a local gun club used to flatter my dad by telling him that I was a better shot than any of the boys in my 4-H club, I am not a gun enthusiast. Nevertheless, as a Catholic theologian, I am troubled by accounts suggesting that Catholics who […]

Imagine if gun law were enforced like abortion laws.

I’ve been beating a particular drum lately because of the confluence of topics in the national conversation: gun violence in a few spectacular cases on the one hand, and the horror that has taken place at a particular abortion clinic on the other. A guest post in the Chicago Tribune adds to the conversation. As […]

A Memo from Captain Obvious on Guns, Crime, and People Who Do Bad Things

Now, I don’t mean to start your week off on a bad note. I don’t want to shock you or upset you. But I’m afraid I have some “news.” You know the Boston bombers? The ones from Chechnya? The ones who turned pressure cookers into sophisticated people killing machines and morphed the streets of Boston […]

109? Pffft. Try 4,360 hours, if they had names.

“#NoMoreNames,” they call it. “#NoMoreNames” is an online effort to play on people’s feelings to support any old gun control measures by reading out the names of people who have been killed by guns in the U.S. They round it out to 30,000 people killed in the U.S. each year with guns and work that […]



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